10 Coffee Tables on Wheels to DIY Before the End of Summer

Coffee tables can have several purposes in your living room. The top surface is good for giving a home to your current read or displaying your tray of cheese or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes it has a bottom shelf to store your laptop and that stack of magazines. Sometimes there is a drawer for remotes and coasters.

While all these things are necessary for a living room, have you thought about how handy it would be if your coffee table had wheels? Suddenly, you can roll it over to your favorite chair across the room or push it out to eat pizza in front of your Friday night flick. Thankfully there are some simple ways to make such a thing without spending a fortune. Take a look at these 10 coffee tables on wheels to DIY for your living room.

You’ve probably seen it floating around the Internet. Attaching some wheels to a pallet is the easiest way to create a coffee table on wheels. Pallets come in pretty standard sizes which are perfect for filling the coffee table void in your living room. (via Delikatissen)

While pallets are basically pre-assembled coffee tables, you can use whatever scrap wood you have laying around from past projects to DIY your coffee table. Just lay a piece of glass on top for a classier feel. (via Plan B)

Maybe you have a living room full of kids that require storage for toys and extra movie night pillows. Make your coffee table on wheels a little deeper so you can store all those movie night essentials and wheel it out of the way come show time. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Don’t have the time or energy for a big long DIY project? That’s okay. On your next thrifting trip, keep your eyes out for a large antique trunk. Just attach wheels to the bottom and you have a fun and unique coffee table ready to roll. (via The Epoch Times)

Countertops can be found very affordably, especially at places like IKEA. Choose your favorite in a size that will fit in your living room and just put the wheels on the bottom. It’s a great option when you need something a little heavier that the dog can’t throw around. (via IKEA)

Some living rooms aren’t made for large coffee tables. In fact, some don’t even have sufficient storage space. Here’s a coffee table that will give you the surface space you want as well as additional storage on the bottom. Perfect for stashing your little one’s toys and books. (via Mon Makes Things)

Let’s not poo poo the classic coffee table on wheels. With a stained wooden top and large chunky wheels on the bottom, it’s the perfect industrial piece to keep your farmhouse living room updated yet rustic. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Using stumps as side tables has been a popular rustic trend for a while. But have you ever thought about using them as coffee tables? With wheels on the bottom, they’ll be easy to move around if necessary and the wooden tones will bring some warmth to your space. (via schwartzandarchitecture)

Wheels don’t have to be only for square or rectangular coffee tables. You can use them on round ones too! Build your own or go the easy route and use one side of a giant wooden spool for your round piece of coffee table mastery. (via Twelve on Main)

Concrete is an element that lots of modern decorators look to when styling their homes. Make your own concrete coffee table on wheels, complete with fireplace. Just think about all the cold nights roasting marshmallows from your very own couch. (via Homemade Modern)

Our Top 15 Coffee Table On Wheels Available On The Market

Now what if the idea of a coffee table on wheels sounds perfect but you’re not really a big DIY fan? Well the answer is simple – you can buy the table. Below you’ll find our top 5 favorite products that fall into this category. Some even give you that authentic handmade look that we love so much but spare you the trouble of having to build the table yourself. Let’s check them out and see what makes each one special.

This coffee table is made of 1.4” medium density fiberboard and has a beautiful rustic design. It’s waterproof and scratch resistant and it’s also easy to clean which makes it very convenient, practical and versatile. It has four metal wheels which make it super stable and also give it a robust appearance. The design as a whole is a combination of modern and industrial.

industrial style
Rustic Country Coffee Table with Metal Wheels and Storage
Rustic Country Coffee Table with Metal Wheels and Storage

Add this to your living room or bedroom and enjoy its unique beauty for years to come.

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Here’s another rustic coffee table on wheels, this time with a very distinctive look. It’s made from a combination of ash veneer, MDF and metal with dark finishes all around. The wheels are the most interesting part. There are two large ones and two tiny ones, an unusual and quirky combination. This gives the table a more lightweight and slender appearance compared to other designs. The table also has a very convenient bottom shelf for storage and display purposes.

MDF and Metal
Coffee Table with Casters Rustic Brown
Coffee Table with Casters Rustic Brown

It has four relatively small wheels which allow you to easily push it around the room.

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Similarly, this table also features a bottom shelf which is super convenient and also very versatile. It’s the perfect place to store things like books, magazine, remotes and other types of items while you’re relaxing on the living room sofa.

Wood/Antique Black
Industrial Faux Coffee Table
Industrial Faux Coffee Table

The table has a rustic-industrial design and is made from a combination of wood and metal.  

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The FirstTime & Co table has a lovely factory cart-inspired design. It measures 17” in height x 29.5” in width and 45” in length which makes it perfect for the living room. It’s made of fir and faux wood with a rustic Espresso finish with four antique casters or two different sizes. The wheels are black and add a vintage vibe to the design. There’s no built-in storage in this case so if you were counting on a secret hiding spot this is not it.

factory style
Factory Cart Coffee Accent Table
Factory Cart Coffee Accent Table

The beautiful however makes up for any other inconvenience.

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Our next and last favorite coffee table on wheels is crafted from solid hardwood, oak veneer and metal. It has a distinctive industrial design with little metal accents on the corners. Another distinctive characteristic of its design is the wire mesh shelf placed at the bottom. It’s very convenient and it adds storage in a beautiful and elegant manner. The table weighs 118 lb which is a little over 50 kg. Luckily, it has four metal wheels that allow you to move it around with ease.

Disteressed Oak Finish
Steve Silver Company HA150C Hailee Table
Steve Silver Company HA150C Hailee Table

This works out great if you plan to take it out on the patio on a sunny day or to just relocate it within the same room.

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The Westerberg coffee table has a nice old-school vibe to it which adds personality not just to the table itself but the entire area around it as well. It has a round top and it’s made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood. The circular top is supported by six turned legs which also frame a bottom shelf that can hold a variety of different items such as books, magazines, tissue boxes, remotes, controllers and so on.

The design of this charming table is inspired by industrial carts. It’s a lovely accent piece which can easily become the focal point of your seating area. It adds warmth and character to the space around it and it’s rich in detail. The App coffee table features a rustic style, being crafted from wooden planks and metal hardware accents. Furthermore, it has four wheels which make it super easy to move it around as needed. This sort of mobility is very appreciated in spaces with flexible floor plans or small areas in general.

Coffee tables on wheels are very practical and they come in all sorts of different styles. The Loehr table has a simple and modern design with clean lines and a hint a mid-century charm. In addition to the four small wheels installed on the bottom, this table also brings you two storage drawers which are very convenient for hiding things like remotes, coasters, napkins and so on.

Going back to some of the more rustic designs, we want to show you the Magnus coffee table which has a beautiful design full of details and character. The table is made of solid wood and has four small casters which add convenience to its design. It also has a drawer and additional storage around it which is very conveniently placed. The metal hardware accents and the slightly worn look add a lot to the design.

The Glastonbury table has a very sleek look, with a slender frame and not too many details but enough to still have tons of character. It’s made from solid hardwood combined with iron hardware and the frame has a dark charcoal finish. The feet have casters on them for added flexibility with the layout of the room. Additionally, the shelf below is fairly big and can hold a variety of different items, including extra blankets, books or decorative items.

If storage is particularly important for you, consider the Mikesell coffee table which has a generous compartment divided into three individual storage sections. The compartment is revealed by lifting the flip top which has metal hinges. There are also convenient cutouts for each section to make the process easier. The base of the table is made of metal and has small casters for added mobility.

This is also a lift-top coffee table but the design is quite different from the others we’ve seen so far. It’s designed with versatility and convenience in mind and it has four casters on the base which allow you to easily move it around and position it exactly as needed at any given time. Furthermore, the Protaras table comes with a big storage compartment and a top can be lifted up and turned into a small desk or a more comfortable surface for eating, writing and other activities.

Many coffee table have small casters which are meant to offer added mobility in a subtle and not immediately noticeable way. However, in the case of the Deon table they make a statement and are an important design element. The table is made of solid elm wood with prominent metal parts and has a very sturdy look with a strong rustic-industrial vibe. It’s a versatile piece of furniture which would look excellent in a variety of decors and settings.

The Langer coffee table is both simple and full of character. The design is more traditional compared to other pieces we mentioned earlier and that helps to give it a timeless and elegant look. Also, the table has a round tray top which gives it soft lines and curves, details which contribute to a warm and inviting ambiance in the room. The dark finish is both elegant and easy to match to a variety of different decors, styles and spaces.

This seems like a table that has it all. It’s simple but it’s not boring, it has built-in storage and it’s made of solid wood which makes it quite timeless and super versatile. The Jalyyn table also has a farmhouse-inspired design which makes look extra charming. It’s rectangular and it has an open shelf at the bottom and three small drawers at the top for remotes, charging cables and various other items. It’s made of acacia wood that has a beautiful natural color.

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