5 next-level jigsaw puzzles

1. 1,000 Colours ($100)

Australian artist Clemens Habicht has created "one of the most difficult puzzles out there," writes Kai Burkhardt at CNN. The 1,000 pieces shift colors constantly, depending on the angle, "which makes for a mind-­boggling experience." Too easy? There's a 5,000-piece version, too. Buy it at MoMa.

2. Ravensburger Krypt Black ($21)

This spring, "everyone wants jigsaw puzzles." Even Ravensburger, the world's largest purveyor, is selling out of everything from "Dogs Galore" to this all-black headache, whose 1,000 pieces spiral toward the center. If that sounds fun, sign up for stock alerts. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Areaware Gradient Puzzle ($25)

Available in various sizes and colors, Areaware's popular gradient puzzles employ subtle shades that can be ­challenging—or soothing, if you're "a few-pieces-at-a-time type of person," writes Signe Brewster at The Wirecutter. This is one you'll leave out once it's done. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Bgraamiens' The Lines ($27)

"Don't wear glasses? You might after completing this behemoth," writes Gabrielle Hondorp at Popular Mechanics. Thankfully, there are letters on the back of each piece that help with sorting. Because the web of intersecting lines is an artistic print, some people frame the puzzle once they're done. Buy it at Amazon.

5. The Monet Bridge and Water Lilies Puzzle ($20)

If you'd rather pore over a classic work of art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art sells puzzles depicting some of its most famous paintings, including Claude Monet's 1899 impressionist masterpiece Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies. Buy it at Met Museum.

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