50 Free School Holiday Activities For the Kids

50 Free School Holiday Activities for the Kids

Six weeks is a very long time for kids to be on holidays, and although there is nothing wrong with the kids being bored (in fact, it is good for them) – you still want to schedule School Holiday activities to keep them somewhat amused!

1. Explore a new Local Park 

2. Set up a Camping Tent in the Back Yard

3. Visit Your Local Library to see what’s on over the school holidays.

4. Visit a Museum – many museums offer free entry over the school holiday period.

5. Have a Movie Day/Night – perfect for a rainy day – snuggle in the lounge room and just chillax!

6. Bake and Decorate Biscuits

7. Organise a Day Sightseeing in the City

8. Catch a Bus somewhere new to explore your area

9. Go to the Beach – collect shells, ride the waves or just build sandcastles.

10. Go Fishing at a Local Pier.

11. Start a Vegetable Garden – start with easy vegetables and then once you can keep them alive (and eat them) – try new sorts!

12. Do a Scavenger Hunt

13. Go Bush Walking at a National Park

14. Visit a Local Market – see what treasures you can find!

15. Organise a Sleep Over with Friends

16. Discover some new sports activities and build your skill set with the Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacross 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

17. Visit a Pool with a Diving Board or Inflatable Park

18. Put a Sprinkler Under the Trampoline and add soap

19. Watch the Entire Harry Potter Series with popcorn and snacks.

20. Go treasure hunting with Geocaching

21. Check out free online courses for kids

22. Visit the nearest botanical gardens and have a picnic there

23. Go mountain bike riding at a local trail

24. Make some salt dough or play dough

25. Make a fort out of cardboard boxes and sheets (with Mum’s permission)

26. Grab some chalk and decorate a path outside your home

27. Check out your local shopping centre for free activities

28. Board Game Day!!

29. Bake Brownies

30. Start a rock collection

31. Have paper plane making contest and have a competition who can make the one that flies the longest and highest!

32. Create a movie on your device.

33. Have a short story writing contest

34. Learn magic tricks and have a magic show

35. Put together a jigsaw puzzle

36. Make a crossword puzzle

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via giladorigami.com

37. Try Origami – there are some fantastic Youtube videos on how to start!

38. Do science experiments

39. Play Dress ups

40. Learn how to braid your own hair – here is a tutorial on how to learn.

41. Build a bug hotel

42. Make a time capsule for different times during the day

43. Make a jar of games to choose from

44. Have a bridge-building contest and test the strength with different items

45. Make natural flower crowns out of flowers and plants

46. Make an obstacle course at home

47. Have a spa pamper day

48. Make sugar crystals

49. Make stained glass jars

50. DIY racecar tracks with tape

With these fun school holiday activities, you are sure to find something that will keep the kids entertained!

50 Free School Holiday Activities For the Kids | Stay at Home Mum