8 of the Best Puzzles Our Team is Raving About

These are our team’s top picks for the best puzzles!

National Parks puzzle

These recommendations are the missing piece to the “what should we do?” puzzle 🧩

Puzzles are a pastime we all enjoy. It brings us together with family, friends, or even some nice alone time. Not only are they fun, but they also help with our focus and brain function!

There are a ton of affordable, diverse puzzles you may have not even known about. Whether you’re basing it on art or interest, we’ve piled a few of our team’s favorite recommendations! If you have a recommendation, don’t hesitate to share it!

Here are the best puzzles you need ASAP:

1. This Good Vibes puzzle sets the scene to kick back and relax with some easy-going fun.

good vibes puzzle

My Hip teammate Liza has this puzzle set and it’s no wonder why she loves it! The hyper-pigmented scene of succulents and the sea is nothing short of stunning. 🤩 It’s a welcomed challenge for adults but is great for kiddos too as high contrast stimulates visual development as you put it together. Not only that, but the pieces themselves are high quality with “Perfect Snap” technology so each intricate cut fits together perfectly… all 2,000 of them!

2. For the outdoors enthusiast, this National Parks puzzle is essential!

national parks puzzle complete

Cavallini Papers & Co. National Parks $23.61 (regularly $28.54)

This vintage-style, 1,000-piece puzzle by Cavallini Papers & Co. covers a collage of vintage national park signs, flags, and iconic logos! From the infamous Grand Canyon to the all-time favorite Yosemite, it shouts out every unique park. You’ll have a blast uncovering each nostalgic design as you put the pieces together.

The packaging is also high-quality with a screen-printed tube pretty enough to be displayed and a hand-sewn muslin bag inside to keep the contents secure. In fact, we think this would be a fabulous gift idea for pretty much anyone!

3. This Disney • Pixar puzzle will get the kids and kids-at-heart to all gather ’round!

disney pixar puzzle

For ages 10 and up, this option is filled with your favorite Pixar and Disney characters! The familiar friendly faces of Dory, Buzz Lightyear, and the entire gang from Monsters University are reason enough to get the kids to put down their devices and pick up a piece.

That said, bear in mind this puzzle has a whopping 2,000 pieces so patience, and perhaps a few sets of hands, may be required. But it’s safe to say the end result is worth it!

4. Feeling nostalgic? This puzzle set embodies the best of the ’90s!

1990s puzzle pieces

Any 80s or 90s babies out there? This one is for YOU! There’s nothing better than reminiscing the good ol’ days of the 1990s according to my Hip teammate Kara who happens to have this puzzle. I know it’s personally my favorite one on the list! With 1,000 pieces waiting to create iconic timestamps of the 90s, there’s no doubt you’ll be transported back in time with each connection. Historic moments in sports, politics, cinema, music, television, and more await, so don’t delay another decade to add to cart!

5. This puzzle brings summer vibes all year round, and it kept Bryn’s family busy on vacation!

buffalo games puzzle

Now that we’re finally in summer, what better way to celebrate than with some fun in the sun? This option embraces the beautiful scenery of Hawaii with a food truck festival on the beach. It’s a 1,000-piece jigsaw that uses “Perfect Snap” technology to guarantee the perfect fit between each piece.

puzzle fun hawaiian food truck puzzle

It’s a favorite of Bryn’s family as they completed it while being a Spring Break vacation in…wait for it…Hawaii! 😂

6. This colorful candy puzzle is the sweetest way to steal your little ones’ hearts.

colorful candies puzzle

Cascading Candies Puzzle $18.99
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Final cost just $14.24!

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Got and candy-crazed kids? They’re going to love this puzzle! Not only is it wildly colorful and eye-catching, but it even comes with a full-size PDF poster you can use as a reference! Standing at 1,000 pieces, we have a feeling using this as a guide will definitely going to help you out. Especially since each piece has a distinguished unique shape. 🤯

7. For the classical Disney fan, this one’s calling you!

disney thomas kinkade puzzle

Thomas Kinkade’s paintings are already magical; pair them with a Disney theme and the complexity of a puzzle, it’s a truly enchanting experience! Liza, one of our resident Disney fans, showed off her puzzle and we simply had to add it to this list. If you couldn’t tell by the box, it’s actually 4 puzzles in one box, making it just $4.50 per stunning 500-piece puzzle. Better yet, the set includes a bonus poster so the art can be displayed even after the puzzle is put away! 😍

8. This UNIDRAGON jigsaw puzzle is a wildly whimsical set.

unique puzzle

While it clocks in as our highest-priced puzzle (nearly $50!), anyone looking for a luxe, unique, and challenging puzzle needs to look no further. This UNIDRAGON wooden set may only be 185 pieces, but they’re much smaller than the average puzzle piece. Did I mention they’re not traditionally shaped either? The intricately detailed pieces fit in with animal-shaped pieces to create a wolf-shaped puzzle — no rectangles or squares here, folks!

From the laser-cut details to the vibrant colors to the sturdy wooden quality, this puzzle could double as a decor piece, and would certainly make for a wow-worthy gift idea for any majestic animal lover!

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