Apparently, An All-White 1000-Piece Puzzle Is A Thing And You Can Get It From Amazon For $20

As April is coming to an end and the internet is filling up with jokes about it lasting five thousand years, people are starting to crave the craziest in-house activities. While some people are still sticking to the classics, such as binging Netflix, or using the ancient time-passing technique of drowning oneself in books, others are baking their fifth loaf of bread today to join the newest Instagram craze. If you are none of the above, we have a perfect activity to pass time while in lockdown. If you’re up for a challenge, get your hands on this completely white 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

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All the jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts can now enjoy the impossible challenge of assembling an all-white puzzle

If you feel like your life is just a little bit too easy, this company named Tinyouth has some brain-melting challenges for you: anything from high-difficulty scenic photography puzzles to mouth guard party games to insanely difficult 1000-piece puzzles. If their gradient jigsaw puzzle doesn’t seem difficult enough, you can take up the ultimate challenge with the all-white 1000-piece high-difficulty jigsaw puzzle.

There is a 1000-piece blank puzzle waiting for you to take up the challenge

There are two piece sizes to choose from

The company gently calls it a “stress reliever challenge for [a] puzzle freak.” It consists of 1000 pieces of pure white cardboard of different shapes. If you find it a little bit too challenging, they offer a little hack when assembling it—just look to the backside of the piece, where it has markings that help separate different sections and thus ease your struggle at least a little bit.

It is made of pure color thickened cardboard

The puzzle is considered of high difficulty level and is suitable for 14-year-olds and above

This brain-twister is 42 cm wide and 29.7 cm tall when finished and is suitable for ages 14 and above. While the company states it’s an educational game that would make a perfect birthday or Christmas present, some people might argue and say it’s real nightmare fuel. However, it can make a pretty romantic or witty gift if you draw something on it yourself.

It costs $20 and can be bought from Amazon

For those not so into the White Heaven puzzle, the company offers an alternative

Whether you just want to pass time during quarantine by staring at a pile of white jigsaw puzzle pieces, prank someone by sending it as a gift, or take it to the next level by painting it yourself and making a one-of-a-kind puzzle, it’s available on Amazon for $20.

You can buy an all-black jigsaw puzzle for the ultimate challenge

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