Best Games You Can Play to Improve Your Memory

There is important information in your brain that you can’t recall, no matter how much you stress your hippocampus. Well, everyone has experienced such. Even though our brain can store as much as 2.5 petabytes of information,  retrieving them can be a hell of a task.

Sharp retentive memory has lots of pros. You will be better at recalling information and maintaining focus and concentration. Here, GameTop, a free game download platform, explains the best games you can play to improve your memory. No, you won’t have Einstein-level retention after playing them. But your brain will serve you well even in crisp old age.

Let’s dive right in!


Do you want to improve both short-term memory and concentration? Then, go for chess! Chess is a mentally challenging and complex game that trains your brain to plan, strategize and predict outcomes.

In chess, you can only analyze the board through proper concentration. Your short-term memory helps predict the outcome of each potential move based on the opponent’s gameplay. While long-term memory helps store a game strategy that works for you.

The good part is, you don’t have to get a chess board anymore. Just download the full game for free on GameTop. Interesting!


Who doesn’t know sudoku? The popular game that had been a staple in newspapers. But do you know it can boost your memory?

Sudoku is a play-alone game. It usually requires you to memorize different strings of numbers. Then, place them in a 9-space grid. Sudoku helps train your brain to organize numbers, so without proper thinking, you may forget the next number on the blank. To play the game, you’d need proper concentration, logical thinking, and problem-solving acumen.

You don’t have to look for newspapers for sudoku games. You can get on at a local game store. Or just download the game on GameTop for free.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Another game that can boost your cognitive functions is the Jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are always about the big image. So, you need a short-term memory that captures the whole picture.

Jigsaw puzzles are big images that are broken into pieces. Such an image could be a roaring lion or the landscape of a house. So, you are tasked to arrange the pieces to re-create a large image. Jigsaw puzzles require a lot of attention and short-term-term retention. You have to know which piece where. Otherwise, you may not be able to creatye the picture.

It’s not imperative to always try large jigsaw puzzles. Start with smaller ones. When you find them too easy, then try out bigger ones. You can always download a free jigsaw game on Apple Store or Play store.

Crossword Puzzle

If you’re too good at Jigsaw or sudoku, crosswords cxan be a go-to alternative. They are great cognitive exercises to train your brain. Crosswords are usually used to delay the impact of dementia on adults.

Crosswords test your wealth of knowledge about related terms in a field. It also examines your vocabulary, short-term retentive memory, and logical thinking. Just like it’s suitable for dementia patients, it might be perfect for your brain after all.

Your brain needs a challenge, and crosswords might become too easy. Try out some other brain games that could flex your hippocampus.


Lumosity is a high-quality game that can trigger different functions in your brain. Unlike the alternatives mentioned above, Lumosity is a smart-phone based game specially designed to boost your working memory. The game trains your mind to be attentive to what matters while ignoring distractions. What makes Lumosity special?

The game is reputed for helping different brain and memory functions. It can help boost your short-term and long-term retention, attention, problem-solving, information processing speed, and creativity.

Being active for 10+ years, Over 100 million gamers currently play Lumosity. It’s an all-free game you can get on the Apple store or Play store.


Alternative vocabulary game to crossword? Go for Scrabble. The game is a brilliant option to boost your working memory. A study in 2016 established how much positive impact scrabbles have on memory and perception.

Scrabble arranges a stack of letters in which you’re required to find anagrams. It usually requires proper concentration and thinking to find out complete words from the jumble of letters. Download the free offline game on Google Play Store now and enjoy.

Rebus Puzzle

A Rebus puzzle asks a question. Then, it gives hints to answers through the symbols, images, letters, and figures provided. Unlike other word games, these hints aren’t put in context. They come in plain cliches and expressions.

For example, a Rebus phrase “So so much” might mean “Too much”. Rebus puzzles could be another way to expand your memory and retention. Looking for a good way to start? Rebus Puzzle is a good game to download for free on GameTop


Growing up, You’ve probably played different forms of concentration games. You lay some cards faced down, flip up two at a time and try to match. You have to remember the location of each card to match similar sets.

The game might be easy. Then, try out the spaghetti variation. The card will be haphazardly arranged, thus making correct guessing harder.

Faces And Names

As the name implies, Faces and Names help you recognize and retain information about new faces. In the game, you view the faces, their names, and their occupation in rounds. Then, you’re asked with recalling the information of particular faces, or faces of particular names.

We all feel embarrassed seeing a familiar face but unable to recall his name. Faces And Names games can help. Having tried recalling faces in-game, you’re less likely to forget people’s information in real-life instances.

There are different Faces and Names games. You can scour the app stores, check the one that suits you best and download the free full game.

How Much Improvement Can Memory Games Have On Your Brain

In 2016, Lumosity was dragged into a lawsuit and accused of deceptive advertising. The company told customers that Lumosity games can improve everyday performance and reduce health or age-related cognitive impairment. It was found to be false.

What does this mean? Most memory-improving games can enhance your retention. But they can never make you the next Einstein. So, when playing these games, it’s important to know what they can do and what they cannot.


Many memory-improving games had been for some time. Even before smartphones were being used for commercial purposes. But with mobile devices, you can always play memory games to boost your cognitive function. All you need to do is download the free game and enjoy.

To make your journey much easier, GameTop has put these games at your fingertips. The gaming platform provides a wide variety of free games to download and enjoy.



























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