Best Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2021

Coming up with gift ideas for Father’s Day is never an easy task — what do you get the man who has everything and doesn’t even know what he wants? Whoever fulfills the father figure role in your life, they deserve only the best present you can find. Your ideal Father’s Day gift has to be fun yet practical; something that’ll put a smile on his face every time he uses it. Check out our Father’s Day gift guide for more inspiration on what to give your dad this Father’s Day.

Don’t hesitate to show your appreciation and love for dad with something truly special this June. If you’re looking for some custom or DIY Father’s Day gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Coming up with unique Father’s Day gifts for the most important man in your life doesn’t have to take you hours or cost you thousands — it can be as simple as checking out our list of the best gifts for dad he will love to receive this Father’s Day.

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Personalized Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Finding great gifts for Dad may be one of the harder tasks on your to-do list, but getting him a custom or monogrammed present is always a great place to start. There’s no one else in the world like your dad, so this can be a truly unique Father’s Day gift. A useful object with his name, your family’s last name, or cute family photos will be the perfect personalized gifts for dad. Keep reading for the best custom Father’s Day gift ideas.

1. Custom Socks

Monogrammed socks for dad.

Help Dad stay warm with a fun and useful addition to his wardrobe. Choose between adding a small photo or just his initials, or even having a family photo showcased on the pair of custom socks to make this dad’s new favorite pair. He’ll think of you whenever he puts them on.

2. Personalized Pint Glass

For the dad who loves his beer (or any other cold drink), this gift will be used and cherished for years. Personalize it with his name, initials, or his favorite quote to give him a cool pint glass he’ll be using at every guys’ night to come.

3. Special Phone Case

Whether he has a smartphone or he hasn’t upgraded his phone in years, Dad needs a phone case to keep his documents and photos safe. A custom phone case with a cute family photo will help save his phone and might remind him to call you a little more often.

4. Framed Prints

Frame some artistic photos you took on your last vacation to create the perfect gift for dad. A beautiful framed print would look great on a wall in his office or the living room, and he’ll be reminded of you every time he sees it.

5. Custom Mouse Pad

Remind your dad of his loving family while he’s at work with a custom mouse pad that’ll get him through even the toughest assignments. Write a fun quote like “Don’t work too hard” and include some cute photos to give Dad a little boost every time he sees it.

6. Personalized Can Cooler

Monogrammed can coolers.

For the cold drink connoisseur, a custom can cooler can come in handy when grilling on a hot day. Gear up for the warm summer months and plenty of outdoor activities by helping Dad keep his beer cold in this nifty device.

7. Father’s Day Photo Book

Give your dad a classic Father’s Day gift in the form of a sweet photo book. Compile all the best photos from vacations, family gatherings, and holidays to remind your father of all the best memories you’ve made together.

8. Monogrammed Cutting Board

Inspire Dad to cook more with an elegant personalized cutting board with your family’s name or a fun quote engraved in it. Couple a cutting board with a high-quality knife for a great Father’s Day gift to any dad who already loves to cook or is looking for a new hobby.

9. Unique Apron

For the family chef, griller, baker, and everything in between, a dad who loves to feed his family needs a cool custom apron to match his energy. Add his favorite funny quote or simply his name to give him a gift he’ll wear every time he goes near the kitchen or BBQ.

10. Personalized Photo Blanket

Monogrammed photo fleece blankets. From late-night hangout sessions in the backyard with the guys to cuddling with mom while watching a movie at home, any dad can find a use for a photo blanket. Personalize it with cute photos of the family or a cool photo you took while hanging with Dad.

11. Desktop Plaque

Help Dad decorate his office with a cute desktop plaque featuring his loved ones. Make sure he always has something positive to look at on his desk during a busy day at work and is reminded of his family’s love wherever he goes.

12. Adorable Photo Mug

Whether he prefers tea or coffee, Dad will finally be able to enjoy his favorite drink in a custom photo mug made just for him. Compile a collage of memorable photos, write out his favorite quote, or stick one big family photo on a ceramic mug that’ll make him smile every morning.

13. One-of-a-Kind Keychain

Add a little charm to Dad’s keychain with a monogrammed or photo gallery custom keychain. Now, wherever he goes, he can always see the faces of his loved ones and be reminded of what’s waiting for him at home.

14. Personalized Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone chargers.

For the dad who’s obsessed with new electronics and gadgets, this is a great one to have on the go. Help him feel futuristic with a wireless phone charger, but make sure to personalize with some family photos or his initials.

15. Photo Bottle Opener

Give your dad a practical gift that he’ll surely put to good use. Customize a photo bottle opener by monogramming it or featuring some photos of his loved ones on it to make it all the more special, and include it in a gift set with some of his bar favorites.

16. Travel Mug

Fit for long road trips or his work commute, help Dad keep his coffee or tea hot in a practical personalized tumbler that he can bring with him anywhere. Choose some cute photos of his favorite activity to remind him of good times during a boring commute or slow work meeting.

17. Custom Pot Holder

The foodie in the family needs all the tools he can get, so what better way to encourage and support your dad’s cooking than by gifting him a custom pot holder? Inscribe some loving words like “Best Chef Ever” or “Chef Dad” to make him instantly appreciate this gift.

18. Personalized Post-It Notes

Monogram Dad’s Post-It Notes so that everything he writes has his name on it. Perfect for a new dad to keep track of things, he’ll love leaving notes all around the house.

19. Monogrammed Business Card Holder

Metal monogrammed business card holders.

Help your dad keep track of all his business cards and look extra snazzy when networking with a personalized business card holder. He’ll love something that helps him stay organized and makes him look extra professional around new work acquaintances.

20. Family Photo Puzzle

If your dad is a bit of an intellectual and loves putting together jigsaw puzzles, a personalized puzzle is the best gift for him. Make it extra hard with a large portrait of just your parents, or give him a bit of an easier way out with a collage of different family photos.

21. Unique Metal Wall Art

Gift Dad a big family picture to put up in his office. Whether your family had a photoshoot, or it’s just a casual vacation pic, your dad will love some metal wall art to remind him of his loved ones.

22. Premium Poster

A poster is the easiest and most convenient way to add art to a room, so give your dad something he’ll have no problem putting up as decoration.

23. Monogrammed Growler

Copper and black growlers.

Does a dad who doesn’t love beer even exist? Fuel Dad’s beer obsession with a personalized growler he can bring anywhere to get some of his favorite craft beer. Etch a fun quote or his initials for a sophisticated growler look.

24. Personalized Flask

For the man who loves to party, a monogrammed flask will make him the coolest dad in the neighborhood. Whether he’s a golfer that likes to take his beverages to-go or just loves a good time, help him stand out and show off to his friends with a fun accessory that proves he’s still got it.

25. Monogrammed Shot Glass

Gift Dad a unique shot glass that he’ll use for any special occasions and holidays. Whether mixing an old fashioned or taking shots, he will appreciate an elegant shot glass with his favorite quote, his initials, or a funny picture.

26. Custom Water Bottle

Help Dad stay hydrated with a simple yet high-quality stainless steel custom water bottle that’ll keep all his drinks cool. Write his initials on it to keep the aesthetic clean and neat.

27. Unique Notebook

A sophisticated monogrammed notebook will make Dad look extra professional at his business meetings, while a photo gallery notebook can help him keep track of his appointments and tasks at home.

28. One-of-a-Kind Hoodie

Personalized gray hoodie.

Although it can be hard to buy clothes for people other than yourself, you can never go wrong with a hoodie. Personalize a hoodie with a fun photo of the family or a cool quote he loves.

29. Custom Paperweight

Make sure Dad’s important documents stay in check with a small but creative custom paperweight. Add a quote or a family photo to remind him of the important things in life and watch him use this practical office accessory every day.

30. Personalized Laptop Case

For any father devoted to his job, a personalized laptop case is a worthy gift. Whether he’s commuting to and from work every day or is constantly jetting off for vacation, help him feel home away from home with his favorite family photos.

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

When you ask Dad what he wants for Father’s Day, chances are he’ll say, “Well, I don’t really need anything.” In that case, pair a personalized gift and a DIY present to fully express your love and admiration. Dad will appreciate anything you get him, but a unique DIY gift will be a touching addition to his already awesome day. Of course, don’t forget the Father’s Day card where you can write a sweet message that Dad will cherish and reread for years.

Candle with photo of child.

If you’re committed to creating something amazing or you’re looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, here are some of the best DIY gift ideas.

  • Cookie Jar: Bake a batch of Dad’s favorite cookies and arrange them in a mason jar for an aesthetic look and a good portion size––bonus points if you go the extra mile and label your custom jar with a fun joke like “Dad, you’re one smart cookie”.
  • Personalized Candle: Create your own photo candle with any design you want to encourage Dad to just let go and relax sometimes.
  • Father’s Day Coupons: Fill up a little coupon book with things you know your dad would love for you to do. Print out photos of you doing the activity and add them to the book to make each entry extra clear.
  • Home Coffee Kit: Put together some of Dad’s favorite roasts, coffee biscuits, a milk substitute, and a custom latte mug for the coffee connoisseur in the family.
  • Dad and Dog Presents: Dad seems to love the family dog more than the rest of the family combined, so pair baked homemade dog treats with a personalized ball-thrower toy that will provide endless fun for both Dad and dog.

Canvas print of fathers and son.

Wrapping Up

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor the man who’s been with you through everything and will support you no matter what. He deserves all the best, and a thoughtful gift will touch even the toughest man. Dads are always making us feel special, so give him something he’ll use and cherish forever––a custom gift to make him feel special for a change.

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