Big Potato lifts the lid on its first ever jigsaw puzzle range featuring cryptic clues

The London-based independent games publisher, Big Potato has made a move for the puzzles market, having lifted the lid on its first jigsaw puzzles range.

Launching itself into the market with two new titles, the games company has teased that its inaugural titles in the space – Night At the Movies Puzzle, and Day At the Festival Puzzle will both feature the classic ‘Big Potato twist.’

The two 1000-piece puzzles will challenge puzzlers to solve a series of clues – 101 clues, to be precise – in order to complete the puzzle in its entirety. Players will be encouraged to crack each hidden riddle to find the name of a famous movie or a famous band and artist.

In a post issued across social media, the Big Potato team, said: “We’re very excited to give you a sneak peek at our first ever puzzle range. And in classic Big Potato fashion, we’ve added a twist.

“In Night at the Movies and Day at the Festival we took two ordinary puzzles and packed both with over 100 cryptic illustrations, each one referencing a different world-famous movie or band.” 

Priced at £15 each, Big Potato hinted that the puzzles will be available very soon.