Clementoni Puzzle Bowl of Flowers, 1000 Piece

Vendor: Clementoni
Type: Puzzles
Price: 20.99

Flowers so real looking that one feels one could bend over and smell them. If only that were true! Jan Frans Van Dael, an 18 and 19th century artist, gets the credit for giving the world this masterpiece. It is detailed and realistic and a joy to put together. The puzzle has 1000 pieces and is made by Clementoni; a well known Italian jigsaw puzzle maker. The pieces are printed on anti-reflection paper. Clementoni  is a stylish range of jigsaw puzzles with striking images and quality printing, designed for those with an eye for details. Clementoni use recycled cardboard to create precision interlocking and robust quality pieces.  Completed Puzzle Size: 69 x 50cm.  9+ years.