Do You Need a Sublimation Printer? 21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Sublimation!

Do You Need a Sublimation Printer, and Everything Else I Wish I Knew About Sublimation Before I Began

See what I wish I knew at the beginning of my sublimation journey and what I’ve learned along the way, especially about the importance (or lack thereof?) printers!

Back when I started with sublimation, my biggest question was, “Do you need a sublimation printer?” You may be wondering the same thing. I’ve learned a lot by trial and error while figuring out the answer (it might surprise you!) that I’ll share with you to make it easier! I WISH I’d had someone to clue me in to tips, tricks, and just the things that could have reassured me and built my confidence to sublimate all the things!

Watch my full video on all 21 things I wish I knew before I started sublimation printing: