Grab MSCHF’s 2 million dollar puzzle for $24.99

People playing the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle.

TL;DR: Through Oct. 12, you can get the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for just $24.99 instead of $30 — that's a 17% discount.

Dissectologist is the commonly accepted term for someone who loves jigsaw puzzles. Whether you’re a full-on dissectologist or just like putting together the edge pieces, everyone can probably agree that puzzles can only get better if there’s a chance to win a large sum of money once the last piece is placed, and MSCHF’s Two Million Dollar Puzzle is your chance to win up to one million dollars just by playing a puzzle. 

This deal is part of a Deal Days Event going on until October 12. It’s your chance to get a bunch of awesome products on sale, including the Two Million Dollar Puzzle for just $24.99. 

Play a puzzle like you play the lottery: to win

The game is simple. It’s a puzzle. Put it together, and it forms a big QR code. The box is blank, so no cheating and scanning before you finish. Scanning your puzzle will take you to a website where you can enter your puzzle’s secret code and find out how much you won. Every puzzle is a guaranteed winner, but only two puzzles can win the million-dollar prize. Cash prizes range from $1 to $100,000 to the full million. 

While you may not win the big prize, a puzzle like this is still an opportunity. Grab some friends or the whole family and face to the finish to see what you won. Enjoy the challenge of a 500-piece puzzle with no guide on the box, and then maybe enjoy enough money that you could get some new kitchen equipment or stop thinking about bills for a while. Or maybe your prize will be enough to buy a pack of gum. Either way, it’s a fun time, the only requirement to redeem your prize is that you’re 18 or older and have internet access

The missing piece might have been boatloads of cash all along

Party like a dissectologist, and get the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for just $24.99 during this Deal Days Sale. No coupon code needed, but the sale ends October 12. 

Prices subject to change.