How to Make Time for Things that Are Just for You as a Mum

How to Make Time for Things that Are Just for You as a Mum

How to Make Time for Things that Are Just for You as a Mum

Being a mum is something that easily takes over your whole life. Many mums end up feeling that they’re losing themselves as they never prioritise their own needs and wants.

It’s completely natural to put your children’s needs first but if you don’t look after yourself too, you will soon run into problems. You can’t pour from an empty cup and all that. It’s true, to be a good mum, you really need to put effort into looking after yourself too and making time for the things that you enjoy in life.

When you start making an effort to do things that are just for you and make time for your own needs and hobbies, you’ll soon experience that you become not only a better parent but a happier one too. It’s much easier to be patient, calm and present when your own needs are looked after too.

So how can you make more time for things that are just for you as a mum? Mum life is busy. Many of us are juggling the parental responsibilities with a full-time or part-time job. Plus, let’s not forget the daily housework admin and everything else that we are expected to do.

How to Make Time for Things that Are Just for You as a Mum
  • Start Saying No

Free time unfortunately doesn’t simply appear without effort. You need to make it happen by not taking on too many things. How many clubs do your kids do each week? Do you say yes to all party invitations or play date offers for your children? It’s time to prioritise better and start saying no sometimes. Not to everything but do not fill your days with things like this when you can’t even fit in one thing for yourself. Start saying “No, thank you!” to some of the activities and invitations that come your way. Instead, start saying “YES!” to yourself and things that you want to do. 

  • Put it in the Calendar

Just like you would put a work meeting, a party or a family event in your calendar, start putting your things in there too. Things like “Walk with a friend”, “Visit library”, “Have a spa day at home” are all worthy of a place in the calendar. Plus, they are more likely to be done if written down and scheduled in for a particular date and time.

How to Make Time for Things that Are Just for You as a Mum
  • Make a List of Things for You

If you’ve been ignoring your own wants and needs for a long time it can be hard to even know what to do when you decide to do things for yourself. Think about what you used to enjoy doing before you became a mum. Those are likely to be things that you’d still enjoy now. Or perhaps you want to learn some new things? Becoming healthier is a thing that many mums want to do after not paying much attention to this aspect of life. A great way is to get active and start going for runs or longer walks a few times a week.

It can also be things like working on a hobby. Or perhaps a side hustle to make some extra spending money? This can then be used for something bigger that you want to do or achieve. You can try your luck with betting too, if that’s something you think you’d enjoy. Read this insightful guide of the top legal novel betting websites UK first. 

Make a to do list or bucket list of things that you want to do for you. For me, that list includes going on a horseback ride through a forest with a friend and going on a long hiking challenge. Smaller things on the list include reading more books this year, going on smaller walks several times a week on my own or with a friend and building my jigsaw puzzle. 

How to Make Time for Things that Are Just for You as a Mum
  • Don’t Cancel on Yourself

Whatever you have chosen to do and have scheduled in with yourself in the calendar, don’t cancel on yourself. Your plans of things to do for you are as important as everything else in there so make sure they happen. 

You will love finally doing some things just for you and your family will notice that you’re a happier person (and mum!) when you get to focus on yourself sometimes too!


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