If You’ve Reached Peak Boredom, We Recommend This Crazy-Hard, 1,000-Piece Black Puzzle

If you've already breezed through your stack of brightly colored jigsaw puzzles, then listen up, because there's an all-black puzzle in town now, and she's a tough one. It's available on the online store Zazzle and comes in a bunch of different sizes, ranging from an easy 30-piece puzzle to a ridiculously difficult 1,014-piece puzzle. The latter will probably take a week (at least) to finish, but hey, we've all got the time.

The coolest thing about the puzzles on Zazzle is that you can actually customize them beyond the number of pieces. So, while the default design is the Black Carbon Fibre Print ($63) that'll possibly give you a major headache, you could change it up with your favorite photo for a personalized gift or as a special treat to yourself. Good luck!