IKEA’s Flatpack ‘Mindsets’ Encourage You To Assemble 15 Minutes Of Mindfulness

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Image via IKEA Australia

IKEA Australia has joined forces with five co-collaborators from different industries to create miniature flatpacks for Australians.

Dubbed ‘Mindsets’, the kits encourage customers to engage in a quick yet mindful activity to encourage private moments of introspection at home.

The limited-edition series of Mindsets includes a DIY xylophone created by Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins, a pet puzzle designed by Instagram sensation Mr Chuck, a bird box by gardener Jason Hodgers, artwork by street artist Fintan Magee, and four drink coasters created by IKEA’s head of interior design Christine Gough that double up as a jigsaw puzzle.

Each collaborator has also launched a Spotify playlist that you can listen to while fixing up the flatpacks through a DIY phone speaker, which you can assemble using contents that the ‘Mindset’ arrives in.

The idea for the series came from insights in IKEA’s Life at Home Report, which found that 87-percent of Australians believe they are entitled to privacy in their own homes, while 27 percent are concerned they aren’t doing enough indoors.

“We understand the frustration of Australians not having privacy at home, particularly in the current environment, and so wanted to use our knowledge and inspiration to make life at home for the many Aussies a little better and more relaxed,” Gough explained.

The Mindsets will take about 15 minutes to construct. However, only 1,885 units will be available. You can learn more about them here.

[via B&T, opening image via IKEA Australia]