It is crucial to examine the causes of failure in innovation, the gaps and pitfalls on the way.

Digital makes a significant impact on how we think, live, and work. There is the mix of old and new, physical and virtual, order and chaos. We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of the digital age, the path to the next level of digital maturity, also in the era of confusion and information overload. 

Therefore, it’s critical to identify, understand, and avoid pitfalls, discover strategic and predictive pathways to change, increase confidence, position a brand and leverage resources to make the digital paradigm shift effortlessly.


Illogic Today’s digital businesses are nonlinear, volatile, interdependent, uncertain, they face fierce competition and ambiguous digital environments. Many business changes or transformational efforts are symptomatic of not having a comprehensive understanding to identify business vulnerability formulas.

Ineffectiveproblemsolving It’s a world with all sorts of problems; a problem is a difference between an expectation (vision or intention) and the actual situation (current reality) coupled with a negative feeling. Many problems exist because they are either ill-defined or the concept cannot be adequately captured contextually.

“Irrational & Illogical” Due to fast-paced change, the exponential growth of information, hyper-connectivity, and continuous digital disruptions, the problems facing businesses today turn out to be over-complex, have a very wide scope, and are difficult to solve. In fact, problem-solving thought processes and practices will not be simple for many of today’s complex problems and it takes an interdisciplinary approach to either frame the right problems and solve them effectively

Is there something like an “Illogical” problem Digital business and society become over-complex and extremely uncertain. Business problems are also like jigsaw puzzles, sometimes making you feel the lack of clues. In a world with so many flavors of analytics, is there something like an “illogical” problem, if so, how to solve it?

Incoherence Organizations rise and fall, not on the quantum of plans and resources, but on the capabilities to lead and manage, change and innovate, yet most important to execute. The most obvious symptom of business distress is the widespread problem of incoherence, illogic, and ineffectiveness. The degree of planning has a positive correlation with the degree of uncertainty and unpredictability. Do not fix the symptom only, but dig through the root cause of business issues, deal with them in a structured way and make continuous improvement.

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