Jigsaw Puzzles



I've written a lot about a variety of different kinds of jigsaw puzzles and how to teach kids to work them. At this point, I have decided to stop posting about them individually unless I find something very unique. I am going to list the links to the posts I have already published down below. If I add information about a new puzzle, I will add it to the top of this post and then re-publish this post. 

If you would like to read my suggestions for teaching kids to work jigsaw puzzles, click on this link to go to Tips for Assembling Jigsaw Puzzles

Fruity Pool Party Puzzle - This is a 77 piece puzzle from Peaceable Kingdom. The pieces are nice and sturdy. I would say about half are standard shaped pieces, with typical tabs and blanks, and then about half are odd shaped. There are 7 larger pieces that are pictures of fruit with scratch-and-sniff scents - 3 strawberry, 2 banana, and 2 pineapple.

Rainforest Search and Find Puzzle - Assemble the puzzle and then search for animals and vegetation you will find in the rain forest.

Chugga Choo Puzzle

Family Style Jigsaw Puzzle - Three different sized pieces so the whole family can play.

Progressive Puzzles - 9 puzzles to grow with - 3 with 4 pieces, 3 with 9 pieces, 3 with 12 pieces.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Big chunky puzzles good for beginners.

The Peanuts Movie - 400 Piece Family Puzzle - Three different sized pieces so the whole family can play. Charlie Brown puzzle.

Junior Princess Puzzleball - A 3D puzzle shaped like a shallow ball, plastic pieces.

Cranium Puzzle Plus - Assemble the puzzle and then use the Find Us cards to search and find the items. Circle them with the dry erase markers.