Jigsaw Puzzles are a Multi-Generational Event

A good distraction to sheltering in place.

Focusing on something totally engrossing is not only good for our brains,  it helps make the time at home pass quickly.  It’s fun to have something to do that you don’t usually have the time for.  Many other ‘quarantiners’ have also discovered the delight of jigsaw puzzles and some companies who make and sell them are swamped with orders.  This has resulted in limited stock and slow shipping.  The companies below still have some stock and we’re sure you’ll find something you love.



White Mountain Puzzles is taking new orders again after having their stock depleted by everyone ‘sheltering in place’. The puzzle here is 300 pieces and $13.99. It is a great family puzzle.  $13.99.



AreaWare makes adorable ‘Little Puzzle Things’.  The puzzles pictured here are the food mini-puzzles for $15.00 each. There are four other themes to choose from, and individual puzzles.  The mini puzzles can be completed in 20 minutes or less.


The MoMA Design Store has a color-changing puzzle of 1,000 pieces.  It is challenging.  When completed it measures 27” x 19”.  It is $99.00.

These are beautiful puzzles by a small company called Piecework Puzzles. The one above is 1,000 pieces and is $36.00.




This company, Seltzer Goods, is women-led and recently founded. They offer fun puzzles that are 500 pieces.  It is 18” x 24” when completed.  Puzzles are $24.95.





The Waterford Puzzle Company makes beautiful custom wooden puzzles that they currently have on sale for 15% off. They can take up to 3 weeks to make and ship and prices start at $98.00. The most interesting aspect to Waterford Puzzles is that they have a rental club.  They are currently revamping the Rental Club so no specific information is available yet.  Click here for further Rental Club information.


This is a Christian LaCroix Heritage Collection puzzle that contains 2 shaped puzzles.  One puzzle is a colorful butterfly, the other a hand holding flower bouquet images.  There are over 850 pieces.  It is on sale for $21.50.  There is an $8.75 shipping cost from England.

Puzzles Print is one of the largest manufacturers of personalized jigsaw puzzles.  They will make personalized photo jigsaw puzzles, photo collage puzzles, magnetic photo puzzles, plastic or wood photo puzzles and tray jigsaw puzzles. You can order 15 ($22.99) – 2,000 ($69.99) piece puzzles.

Puzzle Warehouse is a family-owned shop in St. Louis that suddenly found itself overwhelmed with business due to COVID. “We’ve never seen something like this,” said owner Brian Way.

It went from selling 1,000 puzzles a day to 10,000 a day.  They carry 24 categories of puzzles, from 100 to 2,000 pieces.  There is truly something for everyone. The puzzle above is $8.99 and 100 pieces.

Zen Art Design handcrafts their eco-friendly wood jigsaw puzzles one at a time. Their designs are beautiful.  The smallest size is a 4” x 4” for $16.00 up to their largest size of 11.5” x 11.5” for $95.00.  Zen Art.

Wentworth Puzzles are unique wood puzzles and they produce over 150,000 of them a year. Their smallest size is 25 pieces and the largest is 1,500 pieces.  Personalizing the puzzle you choose is possible by submitting a photo, painting or drawing which will be added into the image in your customized puzzle. Standard puzzle prices range from $12.50 – $97.50.

The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store is located in Yorkshire, England.  It carries many puzzle manufacturers’ products.  You can search among their 20 puzzle artists, 21 themes, 20 manufacturers, puzzles from 100 to 3,000 pieces and extra- large pieces, all ages, and 17 specialties such as 3D puzzles, wooden puzzles, or dementia friendly.  They have it all!

If all else fails, and you can’t find what you are looking for, there’s always Amazon!  Amazon has a good selection of all kinds of puzzles, including double-sided puzzles like the one pictured above.  This one is appropriate for ages 6+, has 100 pieces, and is two puzzles in one.  One side is glossy, and the other side is matte to be able to sort the pieces better.

Liberty Puzzles are wooden jigsaw puzzles.  The sets contain dozens of hand-drawn ‘whimsy’ pieces.  ‘Whimsy’ pieces are cut in the shapes of recognizable objects and add additional challenge to their puzzles.  They also make custom puzzles.

Jiggy Puzzles are wonderful.   They are coming back in stock and will be ready to ship in early June.  This puzzle is called Bathing With Flowers, is 800 pieces and $48.00. When completed it measures 17.5″ x 26.6″.


Ravensburger Puzzles began in the 1800s in Germany and are now a famous international company. There is a wide range of choice based on age, number of pieces, themes and price.  It’s a fun browse.


Here is a list of other puzzle companies we did not review because they are currently closed or out of stock due to COVID. You should check them out in the future.

Gray Malin Puzzles –  double sided puzzles – one side glossy, one side matte

Piece Time Puzzles – Their orders went crazy after they were featured on CBS’ Sunday Morning and they are trying to catch up.

Gibson Games is a fourth-generation family run British company that makes thick cardboard puzzles from 100% recycled board.  They now have VERY limited stock now, but check them out.

Galison works with museums to make well-known art available to the public in the form of paper products and puzzles.


See earlier ASE article on puzzles.

Custom Jigsaw for Gifts


For another adult hobby, try adult coloring books!  They’re fun.  See our article about them.


Header graphic credit Pattern Puzzle by Dusen Dusen

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