Learning Goals for the New Year

Help your students select and write a learning goal for this month or year. 

learning goal craft

They can color or paint a penguin and then write their goal to display with the class. 

penguin learning goal craft

2023 craft

learning intention craft

This page is ready for you in the craft library page of our Pond Coloring Club!

goal writing

You may like to first talk with your children about perseverance, persistence and working towards goals. Share a story and talk about how the character set a goal and worked towards it. 

Here are some of my favorites:
  • The Koala Who Could
  • Jabari Jumps
  • The Curious Garden
  • Evonne Goolagong
  • How to Catch a Star
  • The Little Engine That Could
  • The Very Busy Spider

Follow your reading with a short, collaborative minimal-prep game:

Penguin Puzzle

  • tell the class you are challenging them to complete a puzzle (if you have a penguin one that would be perfect)
  • put a simple jigsaw puzzle in the center of your seated circle of students
  • choose one child to be the penguin
  • penguin goes to the puzzle and finds as many pieces as possible to add to the puzzle
  • the rest of the class counts to 10/20/50 (change this number to match the complexity of your puzzle and age of students)
  • if you have a set of fish counters, drop them into a bucket as they count, reminding them to listen for the sounds (this can be fish jumping from the cold water up onto the iceberg where penguin is playing the puzzle)
  • once the class finished counting the penguin runs around the circle of students and chooses a new penguin
  • play starts again
  • once completed, discuss how the puzzle was completed one piece at a time and how everyone helped etc
I hope your little learners have fun setting goals this year and making their penguin!