My Bucket List - The Update

Back in 2017 I created a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30. I thought five years later I've completed some of the things on the list and thought why not give you an update on everything I've done. I'm writing this now as a 25 year old so I still have another five years to complete all these things. I know the bucket list is one of my popular posts, so I thought why not give you an update. 

So let's get started:

1. Get My Degree
Now this was one I knew I'd complete because when I wrote this list, I was in my third year, but I not only got one degree, I got a master's degree on top of that which when I wrote this first list, I did not ever think I'd do a master's degree but here we are. Getting two degrees is my highest achievement in my life so I'm pretty proud to have them and just really shows you can put your mind to anything if you really try. 

2. Face a Fear
When I wrote this the first time, I went on about being scared of heights but thinking of this now. I realised I'm scared of a lot of things like public speaking and presentations. I realised I faced my fear of public speaking when I studied my masters, and we did a live client brief. We had to do a presentation online in front of lecturers and a client. During that time I also became a project manager of the group which is something I'd never thought I'd do. If anyone who knows me, knows I'm a shy and awkward person so public speaking is terrifying to me. However, I actually did it. I faced the fear and actually did it without getting nervous or showing that I was terrified plus it all paid off in the end because I got a distinction grade for that whole module which was just incredible. Either way it just goes to show I did face a fear in that moment and it's something I'm so proud of. 

3. Start A Collection
This was one of those things that I wrote down on my list that was pretty random, and I didn't really have an idea what that collection would be. It wasn't until I glanced at my 100 books on my bookshelf that I realised I already have a collection I'm super proud of which is my books. I love reading and am proud of the collection of books I have on my bookshelf. It is definitely a collection worth having. 

4. Read the majority of my bookshelf
This one nicely ties in with the previous one but one thing that these past lockdowns have really helped me with is reading through the books I currently have on my bookshelf. You know when you have those books that have just been sitting on your shelf for months on end and you do want to read them, but never can seem to find it the time to read them. Well, I made it my purpose to not buy any new books until I read the unread ones on my bookshelf. It worked because I discovered some new favourite books. So yeah, I can happily say that I have read the majority of my bookshelf. Of course I do have a few books that are to be read but that's normal. The majority is definitely books I've read. 

5. Unplug for a full day
If you've read my switching off post, then you know I unplugged for a full day or rather had an entire day offline. Honestly, it was a refreshing and productive day that it makes me want to do it on a regular basis. Definitely highly recommend having a full day offline because it opens your eyes a bit more and makes you not tempted to constantly be scrolling through social media all the time. 

6. Go On A Date
So, I didn't think this would be something I'd ever complete because I didn't think I'd ever meet a man who would take me on a date. However, I was pleasantly surprised back in Autumn when I went on my first date. It was really nice because we went to Starbucks, went for a walk, had food then played in the arcade which was definitely the highlight of the date. It was just really laid back and fun, plus I felt really comfortable in the moment. Definitely happy to say I've had my first date, although unfortunately five months later it all came to an end sadly with this guy so I can't say I've had my first boyfriend yet because I've not been wanted enough for that kind of commitment. 

7. Go For Massage 
Oh boy, this one brings up some memories, but little did I know when I wrote that list that a few weeks later I would have my first massage because I was trying online dating for the first time and met the first guy, I ever dated who just so happened to be a masseuse, so I had a few professional massages from him. Although it's kind of sad because I realised after four months that I literally meant nothing to said guy and was 'just a bit of fun' in his words plus to top it all off he had a girlfriend of over four years, so I was just the other woman. Who knew I'd be spilling the tea on this post but here we are, and I associate having massages with this ex because those are the only times, I've ever had a professional massage. 

8. Have a pamper party
If you've read my earlier posts this months, you know I completed this one this month. I decided to have a relaxing spa session at home by myself. I did the works of light candles, doing a face mask, skincare, having a bath and having a relaxing day of just pampering myself. It was fun and I even made a whole blog post about it which I will link below as well as other posts I've mentioned in this post. Anyway, would highly recommend having a pamper party whether it is with friends or by yourself, you really can have a great time. 

9. Develop a new hobby
I've actually developed a few hobbies since writing this post. One thing I've been really enjoying is knitting, I've always wanted to get into knitting and actually make a scarf. It's just very relaxing and something you can do while watching TV or listening to music. It's just something to past the time. Other hobbies I've developed are painting, colouring, sudoku and jigsaw puzzles. 

10. Binge watch a new Series which goes on for five seasons or more
I can proudly say that I spend a whole week binge watching Peaky Blinders right up until the current season where I finally was able to watch it live with my mum. Honestly, I don't know what took me long to watch this series, but I randomly decided to watch it one more morning than I was completely hooked. Honestly, I'm not surprised why it is so successful because it is so good. I was slightly disappointed with Season 6 though, but the final episode made it worth the watch and made the entire season worth it for that finale. Either way I can happily say I binged watched a new series that went on for over five seasons and I do not regret it in the slightest. 

There we have it for now. I've only managed to complete ten things from the bucket list and only have twenty more things to complete. I will say the pandemic may have halted most of the things on the list but now that things are slowly getting back to normal, I can hopefully completely the majority of the list before I'm 30. Although to be honest I'd happily extend the list for longer as it is a bucket list, and these are things I want to do before I die. It gives me some motivation and hope for the future. 

Let me know what's at the top of your bucket list, I would love to hear it. Thank you for reading my blog and I'll be back tomorrow with another post. 

See you then. 

Megan x 

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