One Last Piece

In my heart of hearts I am here, Haunama Bay, Oahu, with hardly any crowds, just spending time with my beloved sea creatures.

This morning, I did some ballet barre excercises--couldn't make it through a whole warm up, but, I'm patient and with time good things will come.

I picked oranges and talked with a friend. It was a good talk. 

Then I made breakfast for Anthony and myself.  I would have been post-call today, but someone took the call over the weekend, they volunteered, and I accepted. I'm thankful for a simple day off.

I opened a beautiful amazing care package from Puerto Rico. I was stunned. And inside was a package of some of the best coffee I've ever seen. I've had coffee from Germany, a favorite family brand, which is very good. I enjoyed the one from Barcelona and took a package home. But this one is even BETTER and I'm surprised how very good coffee can get. Thank you Marie for everything, it warms both of our hearts and we are grateful for the thoughtfulness and love.

I did some of the one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, and when I work on the puzzle, I go into a state of non-thinking, and concentrate on the connection with my better half...I needed some guidance and I'm sure it was past my conscious mind but was told to title this One Last Piece, as I had to find one more to match before I could write.  It was funny because this one ended up making like a box around a missing piece...sometimes things are more noticeable by their absence than by their presence, like the powdered sugar on the French Toast where the Vietnamese Chef who was famous left a spoon on when he sprinkled it. There was his mark, an outline of a spoon, in the sugar. That really touched me a lot, that signature in powdered sugar, almost reminding me of the Buddhist mandalas in the sand.

Ross is always with me.

No matter where I go, in any time, in any dimension, he is always THERE.

So are my guides, my team.

Keep in mind our Spiritual connections, which are never broken, even though we are playing Spiritual game of Blind Man's Bluff here in the Illusion. 

It's just a bad dream. 

It's a shame it came to this, with the planet being such a paradise compared to the other physical realms. 

Ross will speak more in the end section.

Two weeks.

I've had my cousin and a friend tell me that changes are going to be moving fast in the next two weeks. One is super Christian. The other is super Spiritual. 

They have their people they talk to.

What news do I have to add to this?

Hospitals are going broke. I'm serious. Our Chief of Surgery was kicked off the Covid planning committee for wanting to follow all the guidelines to protect the staff and wait one more week for the surge to pass. Administration wanted to open up. Now. 

You see the O.R. is the big money maker for the hospital. We turn a profit and that's what supports the rest of the hospital. 

This week we are back up and running, a 'soft opening' in the Main O.R. and 'all systems go' at the surgery center. 

My friend I've known since residency had left our group and started a multi-hospital anesthesia group in the area with a former student of mine. They were super, duper successful. Both are Chinese, and both excel at business and negotiation. A for-profit company wanted to buy out their practice. Last November, after many rounds of negotiation, it was sold, with the stipulation that even through the anesthesiologists in California are employees, instead of a W2 they are 1099 workers. 

You see, hospitals and small businesses have been 'running lean' for some time now. Who wants to 'save for a rainy day', right?

I'll talk money with you. About the Covid. You know from listening to me that the anesthesiologist, ER doc and ICU Intensivist are at highest risk for the whole thing when we intubate.

At Riverside, a city far from here, inland, one twelve-hour shift for the on duty anesthesiologist gets five thousand dollars in reimbursement for the service! Note, this is a new service for most anesthesia groups. My friend the excellent negotiator, created a contract to pay the anesthesiologist two hundred twenty dollars and hour. That's two thousand, six hundred forty dollars for a shift. By the way, he said hospitals don't have money, and the bailout money that was supposed to pay anesthesia isn't there for them, it was used elsewhere in the hospital, so good luck getting paid the five thousand in Riverside from a hospital that's going bankrupt.

At my hospital, administration got wind that we weren't going to provide this new service for free. My boss didn't say it, but who wanted to risk their life and be stuck twelve hours without compensation?  They told us we had a duty to care, they played the professionalism card. 

There has never been a contract between our group and the hospital for this new service. We had no representation, it was unilateral on the hospital side what we would do. ER and ICU docs DO have contracts in place as intubation is part of their normal responsibility to the hospital.

We were never told what we would be paid for our time. To benchmark, the OB anesthesiologist is reimbursed twenty dollars an hour to take twenty four hour call. Yup. You'd make more money doing a cut and color than taking the call. Right now the chief financial officer is 'working on it'. It's going to be paid directly by email to each one of us, outside the group. 

Furthermore, at my friend's hospital, the ER docs forgot how to intubate. Once the anesthesia service was there, they stopped doing it. They were afraid of the Covid risk. (It takes forty minutes to dress up, about five minutes to prepare, thirty seconds to intubate, and then a while to doff off the protective stuff and shower.)  My friend had to take ten years worth of ER billing records to prove that not only did they intubate, but they billed for it--for ten years! That's how they got the ER to keep from dumping intubations of the Covid patients on them. 

It helps to detach from all of these things. Especially as Gaia. It surprises me so often how so few people ask for her opinion, her preference, her input into any of these Ascension just doesn't make sense.

Gaia herself understand the complex interactions with the energy networks on her surface and also in her core, with the Divine Masculine, and the Divine Feminine. And when she does what she is asked/invited to do, results happen with the Schumann Resonance Frequency look to see nearly all white.

Some things you can tell people, but until they are ready to grasp it, it doesn't work. You just need to wait to SHOW people. So there it is. This is the first time the two people responsible for it had their energy in alignment again. 

Unfortunately only one of this two understands and works with it consciously. 

Why is this?

The Divine Masculine is wonderful, very much needed, and sometimes a little gets 'lost in translation' here on the Earth Plane. 

I just showed this one to Anthony, and he laughed so hard. He was delighted and showed me how to use the computer keyboard, and later, how to purchase a fifty dollar Xbox gift card because I needed to be mansplained by him.  (I didn't buy it).

As a matter of fact, while I was cooking breakfast, he was singing this song off-key and sarcastic as only a fifteen-year old can:

Sometimes Divine Creator sends you some perfect medicine for the soul. Imagine all of the Twin Souls and Twin Flames sitting around in desperation waiting for someone to complete them! There is a beautiful sunny day, a million wonderful things to do, and all this Twin stuff is completely beyond our control?  WTF?

I'm laughing.

The good news is, I've had it up to here with 'players'. Now that I am healthy, I can not only eat them for breakfast, I can have a lot of fun messing with them, as perhaps my new sport. The point is that in any dimension, with any Twin or any relationship, I can stand on my own two feet and enjoy whatever interaction is good to my heart. Anything that isn't, well, it's their loss. No hard feelings. No questions asked. No explanations. If you don't verbalize it, you don't know where you stand with anyone. If you do, you're going to be okay. Being hurt from players was my old tape. Being able to share and speak for myself in any forum is both my present and my future.

Being Gaia Sophia, and Mrs. Ross, has its privileges. I am eternally grateful for this.

Thank you Jesus, today I don't take anything personal, and I just follow your advice in your John Smallman and I forgive for everything, all the time, and I chuckle because once this Ascension is done things aren't going to be the same. Never again. I know who is going where--some people--so make the most of the time you have and the connections. They will never be broken, but some might be stretched so far you won't have the closeness you enjoy here and now. 

We advise you to just love and let go, and trust in your ability to see clearly, past, present, and future. Appreciate every little step your loved ones make towards enlightenment, and give thanks for your ability to WAIT. 

Everyone has their purpose, it is beautiful and fantastic, and some people just might be more than a little surprised at how everything turns out. 


What's going on here with my loving Carla?

Gaia as a planet is approaching her terrible teens. A time of discovering who and what she is, a time of safety in preparation for what's next (points to his chest)...a lifetime of obligation, duty, official events, clarification of roles, and not a whole lot of rest.

I take it in stride, it's part of my responsibilities and I accept them as a matter of course.

Carla isn't so into that, like she said at the beginning she'd much rather be with her snorkel and pass the whole day, and protocol be damned, let the councils and other bullshit do what they must because they never asked for her input anyway!

That's where Ashtar comes in.

Some days he is the only one who can handle her. And sometimes Carla feels like she is sowing her wild oats when I let her have a little run on her 'leash' with the generous and loving spirit of Ashtar to watch for her safety.

Life up here isn't like life in form.

But Carla enjoys little forays into the form-life existence.

There is a little middle ground where she can play.

I am always here for her, I love her, and the time will come where she will assume her responsibilities with grace and ease and a sense of accomplishment.

After everything that has gone one with her, it is understandable how the committees who are formed to save her, haven't seemed to be accomplishing much of anything, and so with her favored hand she flips the bird to signal to them a royal Fuck Off.

It isn't that she isn't grateful, she is. I can vouch for that. Carla knows she would have succumbed to the Darkness and all of her life would have poured out of her long time ago without the intervention.

But being in a perilous predicament, for many incarnations essentially, and also having her soul work to do with me, which was neither fun nor happy...makes her a little irritable, and most people in her situation would become irritable in a big way by now. Carla is just irritated and annoyed just a little bit, just enough for us to know she has her fighting spirit, and all will be well in a short time.

I powerfully love and protect her from all harm.

What glory there is 'over the fence' (up ahead in the future).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Illuminated Twin Souls

P.S. We are adding this article, it's fantastic. Vietnamese coverage of the Vatican, a little bit of an exposé.  If you open the article up on a computer, there's a TRANSLATE button midway down the left. It's fascinating.