Playing Games in Spanish: Vocabulary for Families

For many of us, the flip side of social distancing is more time at home to play with our families. While we’re together, classic games and everyday activities are opportunities to speak Spanish with children. Drawing, doing a jigsaw puzzle or playing games in Spanish you expose kids to vocabulary in a natural, fun context.

If your children are learning Spanish, be sure to check out our Teach Kids Spanish: Resources and Strategies page. You’ll find helpful, inspiring information.

We also have lots of Spanish games specifically designed for language learners.

Playing Games in Spanish 

Children learn as they hear and understand new language with the help of objects, pictures and actions. As you’re playing games in Spanish, talking about the picture you are drawing or what you see on a puzzle piece, you can help kids build their language skills.

We’ve compiled an e-book with phrases and words to help parents and teachers as they play classic games and do activities in Spanish.

Playing in Spanish Free E-Book

Play in Spanish: Essential Vocabulary for Having Fun with Kids includes Spanish vocabulary and phrases for:

  • Arm wrestling
  • Tag
  • Tic tac toe
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Crafts
  • Drawing and coloring
  • Rock paper scissors

The language is appropriate for Spanish learners. The sentences are simple, yet natural and correct.

The book includes sentences for each activity that show adults how to model Spanish vocabulary and verb forms.

We’ve also included questions to engage children and make the most of the language learning potential of the game.

Download the Play in Spanish E-Book

We also have a fun set of phrases for playing with bubbles in Spanish.

More Vocabulary for Learning at Home

With everyone home, kids can also learn lots of language helping around the house. Check out these 6 Chores to Learn Spanish Vocabulary.

Spanish Speaking Practice

You may also be looking for fun ways to keep your kids speaking the Spanish they have learned. We have two sets of little speaking challenges formatted as choice boards. You can get an idea of the tasks in this video.

You can download these speaking games at Spanish Speaking Practice for Kids and Easy Spanish Speaking Activities. There are two levels in each set.

We also have lots of vocabulary guessing games on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel.

Playing games in Spanish provides the opportunity for wonderful language lessons. Using natural language, you can help kids learn common structures and words. This free ebook gives you the vocabulary you need for playing games in Spanish and helping kids learn language.

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