Ready Set GO!

 It's going to be a GREAT day! Why? Well, I'm super ready for anything that comes along today, but more importantly, yesterday was a SUPER day, and that makes me very happy!

My calendar is almost completely up-to-date, with events firmly booked or rescheduled as needed. Personal days are booked off between January and June. The appropriate people have been contacted, contracts signed (OK -- so there are still two that need to be signed - today!), Zoom links created and sent. Yep -- it's a lot of administration, and thankfully, I'm a somewhat organized person. 

I was, and then I wasn't, and it's taken me a long time to get back into the groove of being super-organized, but it sure makes a difference in how you perceive the day! It makes me realize that I can't add a whole lot to my schedule, and even as we move forward with the classes for 2022, I'm going to be realistic in what I put forth! 

And dare I say that except for a half-hour massage today, I have NOTHING on the calendar for THREE entire days. How did that happen? I'm beyond excited!! I'm practically giddy! WAIT -- I won't be lounging around and eating bonbons - I have a TON of work to do, but I don't have to stop to do a presentation or whatever. It's MY time. 

Speaking of being prepped - here's something essential for the sewists in us. If you free your time, prep your project and your space - anything is possible. 

This is what happened in Studio B this morning. 

A customer quilt got loaded and ready to be quilted later today. 

Customer quilt loaded 

I prepped the work area and all the machines for the projects I need to work on this weekend. Not that there was loads of junk on the tables, but all odds and ends are nicely corraled in baskets and sitting beside the appropriate sewing or embroidery machine or a serger! I mean - doesn't that look inviting when there is NO excess stuff sitting on the tables. I even dusted!

Four machines are ready to go! 

I have many machine embroidery projects to work on, and I didn't share the photo of the tub of stuff to be embroidered. You'll get to see those projects when the QUILTsocial posts get posted in November. Some very cool stuff I'll be working on this month. I can't wait to get started! 

The Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 90 is ready to go!

Then there are TWO sergers to play around with, and I have a LOT of samples to be made. I'm starting up a series of serger Zoom sessions (the same thing that I've been doing with the sewing and embroidery machines and the mySewnet embroidery software), so that is exciting, and I must say that the new serger is pretty exciting! But so is the smaller one on the left. I'm doing the serger presentations on the Husqvarna Viking sergers, while my colleague does those for PFAFF. I'd prefer not to mention the store names (to be fair to everyone), but if you're interested, you can always e-mail me to ask which store is running the series. 

Two Husqvarna Viking sergers ready to go!

And then there's the pile of sewing that is prepped and ready to go! 

Prepped sewing projects

The ironing board is clear and ready to go! 

The ironing board is clear!

Look at that cutting table! I told you I was busy puttering around. There's a small basket of stuff at the end which I need to take care of over the next couple of days. Technically, it could be moved to the current project table, and I could call the table clear. Now seriously -- if you had to put a border on a quilt or cut some fabric - wouldn't you be excited to walk in the room and see this? Oh yes!!!!

The cutting table is clear!

And then, on another table in the corner, I have my OLD Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 set up as I want to get something from the embroidery part of it. I had borrowed the embroidery module, which is like a toy compared to the new machines. I really need to get that done! Why? This is my puzzle table, and well, once December hits, I hope to dig out a jigsaw puzzle or two and work on them! 

Husqvarna Vikin Designer 1

Yes -- I know I'm lucky that I have the space to do this. However, I'd like to remind you that it's not just luck! It took a LOT of energy and thought process, and puttering to get Studio B to this state. I must see if I can find the pictures, but at one point, believe it or not, there were paths through all the fabrics, bags, projects, and books that were strewn all over the floor. It literally was a maze to get to any of the main stations, and god forbid that you actually wanted to work in there! 

With the "new" arrangements in the office, even the kitchen table and counters are completely free of my stuff! WOW!!!!

Keeping it like this is a constant struggle. During the week, the machines need to be moved depending on if they are in the presentations, and it's just a big merry-go-round! I've come a long way, and I'm thrilled and very proud of myself for making it all happen. 

I had to laugh as I prepped for my two presentations yesterday. Both were in French - one for PFAFF and one for Husqvarna Viking. The topics were different. So not only do I work in dual brands but dual languages and 4 different series of four or six weekly sessions. Yep -- my head could explode if I didn't go for my daily walk to let my mind wander!!!  It's a lot of fun, but the days are LONG! And you never really ever finish making samples!

I've got paperwork to finish off this morning - I'm in pretty good control of that at the moment, so that's a good feeling, but some supplies need to be ordered, invoices to be made, and those contracts need to be signed! 

Oh, I should mention that I moved the magazine quilt out of the way when I took those photos, so you didn't see it. Like everything else - even though it's half together, it's nicely organized on a mini design board, so it was super easy to move! OH -- and did you notice that the scrap box was empty? Yep -- I'm on a roll, and NOTHING will stop me! 

So you know what happens when I prep for a presentation in French - I have to switch my laptop to French. Well, just the software -- that means uninstalling the English version and reinstalling the French version. Switch the phone to French, switch the sewing machine to French, then check that EVERYTHING related to mySewnet connects to each other. This is HIGH-TECH stuff we're dealing with, and all the machines, phones, and software connect to each other. It all needs to be tested before. Check the cameras, change the websites to French and then refresh my memory on a couple of tricky words, although I'm able to pull some of them out of my hat now rather than my cheat sheet! Let's not forget that the earbuds need to be charged and connected! I have two sets of headphones that I use for technology, and I have to connect the right one. 

And do NOT forget to open the presentation, which sits on my cloud server, so I can easily access it from both computers in the house! I've done that a couple of times lately -- I get so busy chatting that I forget to open the presentation, and I had a moment last night when I thought it wasn't going to open, but it did while I adlibbed! 

The best part is that I REFUSE to let technology get me down. I hate it sometimes, but I also love it and embrace it. I am definitely my father's daughter in that respect. My Mom won't even look at the screen of a tablet to read something that we put before her! My Dad? He can't get enough of messing with technology!

I also got two small quilts done on the long arm. And sometimes, those small ones are more trouble than the big ones! But they are done, trimmed, and ready to be picked up this morning. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Customer quilt - DONE

OK -- those error messages? They were the fault of the operator! Seriously??? Oh well -- now I know!

Well, I've blabbed on enough about my crazy life,  and it's time to get the girls outside where it's very DARK but gets light as soon as the sun comes up, which will be soon. 

Have a super day!!!!