Review: Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle for Rebel Girls

(Ad - gifted) M loves the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls books. She has the first one at her Dad’s house and the second one here on her Kindle. They clearly inspire her because she often comes out with statements about various women in history, teaching me new facts. We have been building on these conversations recently with some Jigsaw Puzzles for Rebel Girls from Gibsons after receiving the 100 and 500 piece jigsaw puzzles to review. These puzzles are a collaboration with the books my daughter knows and loves and features images of some of her favourite role models.

A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons being reviewed by an 8 year old girl

Review of Jigsaw Puzzle for Rebel Girls 

(100 and 500 piece jigsaws from Gibsons for age 5 plus)

The pieces on the 100 piece puzzle are about 5 cm across and recommended for age 5 plus. My daughters and I had fun working together as a team and completed it in about 15 minutes. The 500 piece puzzle is a step up and looks like a “proper adult” one with pieces roughly 2 cm across. 8 year old M said it’s perfect for her to do in the evening when I’m putting her siblings to bed. I think it would take her several hours to complete in total though.

The puzzles, like all Gibsons jigsaws, are made from 100% recycled board and they are made in the UK. The boxes feature the image on the back of the box and there is also a print out of it inside the box. The finished puzzles are both 48cm by 34cm.

A close up of a young girl holding 2 Rebel Girls jigsaw puzzle boxes
The Rebel Girls jigsaws from Gibsons come in 100 or 500 piece designs

The 100 piece puzzle features 15 women and the 500 piece puzzle even more, each divided into 5 categories of: warriors, creators, pioneers, leaders and champions. There are an embarrassing number I haven’t heard of before and even those I have I would struggle to explain in a clear way what they did this makes them a great learning prompt whether you have the books or not. If you are the kind of parent who likes to have all the answers then you might want to Google any you don’t know before your child starts on the jigsaw, I’m a big fan of “why don’t you go find out and then tell me?” though. I'm pretty confident I could talk about Elizabeth I, Florence Nightingale or The Bronte sisters, but Wilma Rudolph? Valerie Thomas? Grace O'Malley? Sorry I haven't a clue (yet).

Lots of hands make fast work of the 100 piece Rebel Girls Jigsaw
Sorting the jigsaw out into edge and middle pieces

Creating the frame by putting the edge pieces together on the 100 piece rebel girls jigsaw
Putting the edge pieces together

A close up of a child's hand putting the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle
Putting the final piece in the 100 piece jigsaw puzzle

The jigsaws themselves are quite easy to do because the images don’t have lots of pieces with near identical patterns you can’t work out where they go. This makes the jigsaws great for children who like a challenge, but can get frustrated if too hard. The 500 piece jigsaw should appeal to adults as well as children.

The Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzles for Rebel Girls are really lovely jigsaws and I can see them being completed lots of times.

***Disclosure: Jigsaws were gifted for honest review***