Special Mother’s DAy Gifts that You can Order online!

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Mother's Day Gifts to Order
     We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  But, remember, Easter came a little late this year.  Don't get caught by surprise because Mother's Day falls on May 8th this year!  That seems very early, but the 8th is the second Sunday of May. 
      I'm always on the lookout for good Mother's Day gifts because my 99 year old mother is the best mother of them all.  Unfortunately, it  is becoming more and more difficult to find her the perfect gift.  What does a 99 year old need or want that she doesn't A-buy for herself or B-not know that she even wants it.  Plus, she lives at my sister's house and her room is already pretty full of stuff! 
      I don't know if I have found the perfect gift for her yet, but in my search, I have found some amazing gifts that I would definitely love to receive! (hint, hint)  Ha ha!  Anyway, I thought I would share them with you in the hopes that if you are on the lookout for good Mother's Day Gifts, this list may help you out. 
     This puzzle table would be perfect for my mom because she loves doing jigsaw puzzles!  Unfortunately, she already has one.  I think it is the coolest thing for puzzle lovers.  You can use the little drawers to sort the colors or pieces that you are pretty sure go together.  You can store it under the couch when you aren't working on it.  It comes with a cove to protect the work you have already done from the dust bunnies! 
      If your mom is a gardener, I love the idea of this harvest apron.  Yesterday I was picking peas and holding up the bottom of my shirt to collect them in.  Sometimes they fall out the side, plus that gives me only one hand to work with since I have to hold up the bottom of my shirt.  The great thing is that this particular apron comes as a 2 pack, so you could keep one or give away 2 to your favorite moms.  My mom doesn't do much gardening now, but I know plenty of moms and grandmas who do.  You could sew up this apron pretty easily as well if you would rather make it yourself! 
      Along the same lines as the harvest apron, there is this adorable apron for gathering eggs!  More and more people are becoming micro farmers and chickens are in people's backyards even in the city.  If this describes your mom, this apron would be a cute and unexpected gift! 
     I have actually been considering a nice water bottle for my mother.  Older people can easily forget to drink and become dehydrated.  I like the encouraging goal setting theme of this water bottle and the easy flip up top.  
      If you do go with the water bottle idea, here is an adorable sticker to decorate it with!  (Obviously on the opposite side from the measuring lines.)   StickerBStudio on Etsy makes amazing waterproof stickers for water bottles and phones! I've never outgrown my love of stickers.  They are a great way to personalize a gift! Bronwyn's stickers are made in the USA by her in Round Rock, TX! The prices are perfect.  If you are on a limited budget, one of these stickers slipped into a card would be a sweet gesture as well! 
      This is the perfect sweatshirt for a young, awesome mom.  DiamondTeeDesign has a ton of great choices of Tee Shirts and Sweat Shirts that would work for your mom or grandma! You'll want to check them all out.  A tee for my mom might not be a bad idea. 
      This sign would be a touching gift for a mom or a grandma!  You can get it made with up to 27 names! I am currently counting on my fingers and toes to figure out how many grandkids my mom has, but the 27 might work for her.  This beautiful plaque is made by Haunt&Home, an Etsy shop. 
      This necklace from Lymgifts is just so beautiful.  It doesn't hold enough names for my mom, but it does for me!  You can get it with 2, 3, 4 or 5 rings intertwined.  I love it!

      So, those are my favorites so far.  Do you have any suggestions for my 99 year old mom?  If so, please let me know pronto!   Thanks! 

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