Squirrel fingers and Star Trek communicators: Weird Amazon products week of 3/28/22

Squirrel fingers, chicken nugget necklaces, Star Trek communicators, & more. Weird and fun Amazon products week of 3/28/22 — for you, for fun, for white elephant or birthday gifts, or just to enjoy!

weird amazon products week of 3/28/22

It’s April, and it’s Sunday, and it’s high time to round up one weird Amazon product for every day of the week (think unusual, fun, or white elephant gifts). I share a new strange or fun find on the Mashup Mom Facebook page, which then feature in this weekly roundup every Sunday.

Why? Because we all need a little help starting the day with a smile lately, that’s why! What’s your own favorite pick among this week’s weird Amazon products?

Amazon Oddities, week of 3/28/22

Do you need your very own Star Trek communicator badge? The future is here: It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth!

Thirsty? Enjoy your next cup of coffee in this officially licensed Sriracha mug — definitely makes for a double take, if nothing else.

Turn your fingers into a backyard critter, with this hand-y (if only slightly creepy) squirrel finger puppet. This goes so nicely with last week’s squirrel feeder, don’t you think?

If fingers can be squirrels, cars can be cartoon characters. Turn your car into Lightning McQueen, with this Pixar Cars windshield sunshade.

How much do you (or your kids) love chicken nuggets? Is it enough to, well, wear one as jewelry, as in today’s chicken nugget pendant necklace?

Almost through our week, now, and this is the loveliest cat themed (and shaped) jigsaw puzzle I ever did see. Happy Caturday, everyone… {affiliate link}

Be sure also to follow the ongoing adventures of The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy and friends, if you’re a cat person. 🙂

Do you have a Star Wars loving scientist in your life? Then perhaps this “may the force be with you” physics tee might fit the bill. Or them. (This is a great way to wind up our latest week of weird Amazon products, if nothing else.)

More fun Amazon finds here next week

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