The Friday Bulletin May 29th, 2020

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sketching and sustainable toilet paper

Really?  Can anyone learn to draw?  My friends who can draw seem to be having a lovely time during the pandemic.  Sketching relaxes them, they improve with practice and they are producing treasures.  The New York Times thinks all it will take for me to learn to draw is six steps.  They tested their plan on a member of The New York Times editorial board.  Obviously they aren’t talking professional artist skill level, but basic is fine for me. My favorite tip is “Don’t be afraid to start over”.  Read the article.


Zoom energy and sustainable toilet paper

Many people are working full days from home.  There are physical consequences to staring at a screen all day and participating in Zoom meetings.  Fast Company has an article called “I’ll be right back.  How to protect your energy during Zoom meetings” that I found helpful.

sustainable toilet paper

Still looking for toilet paper?  Have you tried sustainable toilet paper?  NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) published a report in 2019 called “The Issue with Tissue”.  They looked at toilet paper and gave the best-selling brands sustainability grades.  The major brands all scored an F.  The major brands use freshly cut trees, many very old ones from the boreal forests of Canada that have left the forest bare, a problem for the ecosystem there. Processing toilet paper takes a huge amount of water, energy, bleach and formaldehyde.  Toilet paper is bad for the environment and our plumbing.

One of the new start-up toilet paper companies, Who Gives a Crap, has launched a bamboo paper line.  They act as an advocacy company and have donated half of the profits to a variety of organizations around the world.  Their toilet paper is available online through a subscription service or á la carte.

Another start up, Tushy, sells bamboo toilet paper, as does No. 2.  Don’t you just love the names of these new companies?

Sadly for us and great for them, many are currently sold out of toilet paper, and working as hard as they can to meet demand. It’s worth checking often to see if they are restocked, however.

Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow:

Have you already channeled Marie Kondo and organized all of your drawers?  Your food pantry is next. We all know that expiration dates do not tell us that food is spoiled.  At best, the dates are producers’ best guesses at when food is past its peak.  (Note: Baby food does have expiration real dates).  This New York Times article tells you what to throw out of your pantry and what will last forever – from oils, vinegars and spices to eggs and Vienna sausages.


Here’s what else happened at ASE this week;

Quarantine Entertainment #10

Jigsaw Puzzles are a Multi-Generational Event

jigsaw puzz;es

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