The Summer Of Not-So-Many Things

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Just about everyone around the world has had their lives impacted by Covid-19. Here's my list of things that we won't be doing or having done.

  • No flowers: we usually go to the local nursery and buy flowers for our urns.
  • Nobody to clean the house every two weeks.
  • No one to help me in the garden
  • Not so much meat for supper
  • No interacting with friends and family
  • No trips to the ice cream place
  • No yard sales (oh, boy--for a thrifter, that's a BIGGIE)
But then there have been some good things, too.

  • Our pansies from last year self-seeded, so we do have some flowers after all
  • I  baked bread for the first time
  • I've been baking quick breads (to use for Mr. L's breakfasts)
  • We've been doing more jigsaw puzzles (well, mostly ones we've done before)
  • We're still able to patronize our favorite restaurant via takeout
  • I've been able to stay on my diet despite bread and quick breads (15 lbs down) 
  • I've finished two books and a short story and started another two books
  • I've got everything I need to repaint my kitchen cabinets 
  • Curbside pick-ups & home deliveries
  • The mail still comes 6 days a week

So while this won't be the summer we all wanted, maybe it can still be a good summer.  How will you make your summer special?