This 500-Piece Gradient Puzzle Looks Soothing and Incredibly Irritating at the Same Time

Puzzles sure have changed since childhood. These days, it seems less often that you get animals or buildings to serve as helpful guides as you're putting one together. Nope, now there are clear jigsaw puzzles and ones with all-black pieces for those really looking for a challenge. Though slightly easier, a gradient puzzle is serving as another recent example.

The soothing-looking Areaware Gradient Puzzle consists of 500 pieces in various pretty color combinations: yellow and green; pink and blue; black and white; and red and yellow. Priced at $27, the puzzle is so chic, it also works as coffee-table decor. If anything, it's a solid conversation starter. (Admittedly, said conversation might go, "Oh, wow, so you have a lot of time on your hands!") Check it out ahead.