This Friends-Themed Jigsaw Puzzle Features the Show’s Best Moments - How Many Can You Spot?

Our love for Friends really knows no bounds. Despite the beloved show no longer being on Netflix, we've still been able to get our Central Perk fix with things like candles and board games, and now we can add one more thing to our stash: this Friends-themed jigsaw puzzle!

The puzzle, which costs $16 from Firebox, has 500 pieces and includes all our favorite characters as well as a few minor cast members. We can practically hear Janice screaming, "Oh my GOD!" We definitely plan on putting this one together while dishing out some of the show's most iconic one-liners (a piece doesn't fit? PIVOT!). While the puzzle is currently sold out, you can preorder for when it's back in stock, so get on it! I mean, could this be any cuter?