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Jigsaw Puzzles = Family Time

A Sharp Eye loves jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful family activity, especially if you get one of those large Lazy Susan-type puzzle boards. With summer here, and kids on summer break, puzzles are fun to do in the evening after supper, or on those seemingly endless rainy days.

The Trove puzzle pieces are laser cut from real wood, so pieces while thin, are dropped into the puzzle rather than being pressed like the mass-produced cardboard ones.  There are currently eighteen puzzles to choose among.  My favorite is the one of the doughnuts. The puzzles all have 250 pieces each.

Trove has two options for storage before and after you complete your puzzle.  Many 250-piece puzzles come in an apothecary jar. I love the look of the jar, and it can be kept out on the puzzle table or nearby while it waits its turn to be completed. The puzzles that come in the jar are $37.99.

The canvas bag for sharing the puzzle is wonderful and some of the 250-piece puzzles come in this Pass It On pouch.  Those puzzles are $34.99.

The Pass It On pouch is also available for sale on its own for $8.99.

There are also two puzzle advent calendars to choose from.

This Modern Christmas puzzle is 250 pieces and is $53.99. It is a kit with jute cording, wood clips, and 24 pre-stuffed canvas pouches, each with a piece of the puzzle.  Each piece is numbered on the back to fit back into the correct numbered pouch for storage. There are six treasure pieces in this puzzle. The finished puzzle is 11.5” x 11.5”.

This advent calendar is of an old-fashioned picture of Santa Claus with his signature. It comes in a wooden box.  It has 10-11 puzzle pieces in each drawer for a total of 250 pieces.  The calendar is lit from within with warm light that requires two AA batteries.  The puzzle includes six treasure pieces.  Each puzzle piece has its drawer number on the back for easy replacement back inside the drawers.  The completed puzzle is 11.5” x 11.5″. $95.99.

These are Treasure Pieces that follow in the tradition of Victorian craftsmen who always included representational shapes to intrigue their puzzlers.  Every puzzle has two or three treasure pieces, except for the advent calendars that have six.

Trove Puzzles

This is a 35” round jigsaw puzzle spinner.  It will hold up to 1,000 puzzle pieces and makes it easy for a group to work together and reach the area they’re working on.  It is lightweight, goes on top of your puzzle table and has an 18” plastic swivel spinner attached to the bottom for rotating.  The board has a hardwood rim and is made from durable fiberboard.  The board is covered in felt.  $84.99.

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This website was developed by a jigsaw puzzle addict.  She has 500 puzzles waiting to be done!  She is Canadian, a grandmother, and is semi-retired from a career in financial management.  She describes herself this way – “I read, write, buy, sell, assemble, create and day-dream about jigsaw puzzles.”

Readers can find out the brands she likes best, her favorite jigsaw puzzle lights for puzzling after the sun has gone down, the best puzzle tables, mats, and much more!

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