Unique Birthday Present Ideas

Whenever someone you know is having a birthday, you always want to be able to find the perfect birthday gift. Finding unique birthday present ideas within your budget doesn’t have to be difficult. From DIY gifts to personalized presents like custom photo books, find exactly what you need for anyone’s upcoming birthday. You can choose from gifts and birthday cards or get inspired by the unique ideas below.

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Birthday Present Ideas for Boyfriends

Finding a present for your boyfriend can become easy if you expand ideas to include home decor and home goods. If you don’t want to repeat gifts over the years, you can customize home goods so you’ll have many home decor gift choices. Examples of home goods include jigsaw puzzles and coffee mugs.

1. Personalized Photo Frame

personalized photo frames

Add a picture of one of your favorite memories to a personalized photo frame. He can display this present

2. Homemade Brownies

unique birthday gifts homemade brownies
What better way to show your love than with baked goods? Use your own recipe, or find the perfect chewy brownie recipe online.

3. DIY Mug

Coffee mugs and tumbler.
Let out your creative side and make his and hers custom mugs for the two of you. Now, he’ll be sure to think of you every time he uses his mug in the morning.

4. Personalized Beer Stein

beer stein and growler

Is your boyfriend a beer fanatic? Get him a personalized beer stein that fits his style and personality. You can customize it with a specific design, his name, or even get it monogrammed.

5. Date Jar

heart shaped notes

Always have a plan for date night. Write date night ideas on little slips of paper, and fold them up. Place them in a jar, shake it up, and give to your significant other.

6. “Open When…” Envelopes

Love Letters tied with a Red Ribbon
This is an especially great gift for someone about to go on a trip, or for a long-distance relationship. Write a series of letters with personalized stationery and enclose them in different envelopes. On each envelope write a phrase such as “open when you miss me” or “open when you are feeling sad”. In each envelope include a letter that fits the theme.

Birthday Present Ideas for Girlfriends

Often times, people feel like they have to spend a lot of money on their girlfriends for birthday gifts. However, you can still get your girlfriend a special and meaningful gifts within your budget.

1. Destress and Unwind Basket

personalized gifts for her birthday
Give your girlfriend a spa in a basket filled with anything she could need for a relaxing night in. Fill a basket with your girlfriend’s favorite things, such as face masks, chocolate, a bottle of wine with personalized wine glasses, and a movie.

2. Homemade Sugar Cookies

Making of Heart Shaped Cookies
Impress your girlfriend with your cooking skills by making homemade sugar cookies for her. You can choose to make them plain, or you can cut the sugar cookies into different shapes like hearts and write sweet sentiments on them.

3. Playlist or CD

wrapped cd

What better way to show you love than making a playlist for your girlfriend? You can make a playlist full of her favorite songs or songs that remind you of her. This is a gift that will last forever and that she will be able to listen to all the time.

4. Engraved Jewelry

Get your girlfriend a gift like engraved jewelry that she will wear everyday. You can personalize a necklace or bracelet with her name, initials, or even a saying that is special to the two of you.

5. DIY Chai Latte Mix

Vanilla chai tea mix in cup, ingredients
Spice things up for your girlfriend’s birthday and make her something that she will use every morning. This DIY chai latte mix will warm your girlfriend’s heart and make her think of you with every sip.

6. 52 Things I love About You Cards

52 things i love about you playing cards
Transform a normal deck of playing cards into a creative and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. Replace the face of the card with different things you love about your girlfriend, and remind her how much she means to you.

Special Birthday Present Ideas for Best Friends

Best friends hold a special place in each and every one of our hearts. You want to be able to give your best friend a gift that is creative and meaningful to show much their friendship means to.

1. Engraved Photo Jewelry

custom jewelryPersonalized photo jewelry is the best way to show your best friend how much you appreciate them. Choose what kind of jewelry you like and then fill it with a photo of you and your best friend. You can even make yourself matching bracelets or necklaces.

2. Best Friend Mugs

collection of personalized mugs
Instead of making a friendship bracelet, make your best friend a friendship mug. You could get matching mugs that can be personalized with your favorite pictures of one another. In addition you can use artist designs that your best friend will love and create a customized mug that they will love using everyday.

3.  Spa and Pampering Basket

Wooden soap dish, soap, eucalyptus over green background. Zero waste, natural organic bathroom tools. Plastic free life. Ecological skin care, body treatment concept
Pamper your best friend by giving them a basket filled with their favorite spa products. Fill a basket with nailpolish, face masks, and everything they needs to treat herself to a night in.

4. DIY Photo Candle

glass and ceramic candle with family photos on a white table with table decorationsGive your best friend something that adds extra personality to their room and reminds them of you. Make a DIY candle jar that fits her style best with her most cherished memories and her favorite therapeutic scents. Each time they light this candle they will appropriate you creating this personalized candle for them.  

5. DIY Lavender Soap

lavender soap

Make your best friend lavender soap with only a few ingredients. Melt soap base and mix in lavender essential oils. Get a silicone mold of any shape, and sprinkle lavender in the bottom before pouring in the melted mixture. Let it sit for 24 hours, pop the soap bars out of the mold, and then it is ready for your friend to use.

6. DIY Lip Balm

DIY lip balm gift
Instead of buying your best friend makeup for their birthday, make your own lip balm for them to use. Melt coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter together over the stove. Drop any essential oils into the mixture and then put into little jars for easy use.

7. Custom Photo Puzzles

Person putting together a collage puzzle.

Create a unique keepsake and fun activity for your best friend when you make your own puzzle. Upload her favorite photos and plan a day to spend time putting this fun gift together.

Birthday Present Ideas for Sister

Your sister is an important part of your life, so you want to give her something that is just as special. From DIY spa products to something more personalized, find the right gift for your sister’s birthday.

1. Unique Photo Book

group of shutterfly photo books
Make your sister a meaningful photo book for her birthday! Pick your favorite photos together and create a photo book that will go perfectly with her room or home.

2. Customized Mug

custom mugWhat better gift to give your sister than one covered in pictures of your childhood memory? Choose from a variety of cup designs, like latte or travel, and make a customized photo mug that she can use any time of day.

3. Knitted Hat

knitting a hat
Knit together a hat with your sister’s favorite colors, or a pattern that she really likes. Not only is this gift unique and personalized, but it also is something that she can choose to wear everyday.

4. Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Natural Bath Accessories
Help your sister destress and relax by making her your own aromatherapy bath salts. Adding these to her bathtub are a perfect addition to her weekly routine.

5. DIY Glitter Bath Bomb

bath bombs

Rather than spending $15 on a bath bomb at the store, make your own glitter bath bomb for your sister’s birthday. Combine equal parts baking soda, citric acid, and epsom salt in a small bowl. Add coconut oil and any essential oils that you think your sister would like, such as lavender or rose. Put half into a mold of any shape, sprinkle glitter into the middle of it, and then cover that with the rest of the mixture. Let sit for at least 24 hours before giving to your sister.

6. DIY Wall Art

Desk decor with colorful DIY wall artAdd a touch of your own personality to your sister’s room with wall art that you’ve created yourself. Paint a saying such as “I love you to the moon and back” on a blank canvas, and then decorate it accordingly. With something like this, your sister will be able to wake up every day to your thoughtful gift.

Birthday Present Ideas for Brother

If you have trouble shopping for a birthday gift for your brother, have no fear. Find a unique gift to either buy or make him each year so that you don’t feel the need to repeat gifts.

1. Custom Phone Case

custom iphone caseIf your brother loves his phone and also loves taking pictures, why not get him a phone case that can showcase these photos? Buy your brother a custom phone case with a photo that he has taken.

2. Travel Shave Kit

Mens hairdressing desktop with tools for shaving top view
Compile everything that your brother needs for shaving and put it in a fun pouch for the next time he travels. This is sure to make his packing a little bit easier.

3. Personalized Bottle Opener

beer opener and glass

If your brother loves to crack open a cold one on the weekends, consider getting him a personalized bottle opener. Add a picture or his name to the bottle opener for a personalized touch, and so everybody knows that it’s his!

4. DIY Chore Coupon Book

Overhead Shot Looking Down On Woman At Home Writing In Birthday Card And Wrapping Gift
Give your brother the gift that keeps giving with this DIY chore coupon book. Make a little book out of paper that is full of “coupons” for you to do certain things for him. Fill the papers with tasks such as “breakfast in bed” or “wash the dishes”.

5. Necktie Pouch

necktie pouch

Source: Polka Dot Chair

Give a normal pouch a makeover with this DIY necktie pouch. Now, your brother will have something stylish to carry around all of his smaller necessities.

6. Natural Branch Coasters

natural branch coasters

If your brother needs some redecorating in his house, and loves idea of something rustic, consider making these DIY natural branch coasters. These coasters are perfect for resting a cup of coffee or a cold beer on.

Memorable Birthday Present Ideas for Coworkers

Sometimes buying presents for coworkers can be a difficult task. Coworkers do make working in an office every day worth it, so it’s important to show them how much you care about them.

1. Caffeine Basket

Composition: coffee grinder, coffee bags, chocolate on brown background
For the coworker that can’t start the day without a little bit of caffeine, make their life easier with a caffeine basket. Fill the basket with their favorite tea, coffee, and even a little mug for them to use.

2. Personalized Easel Calendar

easel calendar

If you know your coworker pretty well, consider making them a personalized easel calendar for their desk. You can add pictures of places they like or of their pets in order to brighten up their desk a little more.

3. DIY Mouse Pad

Personalized family mouse pad and mouse featuring a mother and father and their two sons


If your coworker likes using their desktop computer and uses a mouse, this DIY mouse pad is the perfect way for them to personalize their desk. Find a design and pattern that works best for their style and easily make them a mouse pad they will use everyday.

4. Personalized Notebooks

personalized notebook


A personalized notebook is the perfect way to work in style. Choose the design that fits your coworker best, and even personalize it with their name or initials.

5. A Bottle of Wine

neoprene wine totes with personalized pictures

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? Create a personalized neoprene wine tote bag that can be reused over and over again. This customized wine tote bag will feature their image and any text you choose to add on the wine tote bag, each little detail will be customized to each little detail.

Birthday Gifts For Kids

There are many gift options to give kids for their birthday and getting the perfect gifts for kids can be easy with the various gift options from Shutterfly. Shutterfly gives you the options to make personalized gifts that all kids will love. Adding a simple picture or their name to their present will get them excited that their newest favorite gift is customized for them. Explore all the different types of items that make the best unique gifts for kids.

1. Glitter Blocks

A great way for kids to remember their fantastic gifts is to input their most cherished memories within them. Glitter blocks make each memory embedded more magical with the most interesting feature being the snow globe like glitter action each time you shake it. Each time they shake the photo glitter block, the glitter will highlight the photo displayed within and make each memory more magical. Each glitter block is a 4X6 size and the photo displayed can be switched out with another memory they cherish.

Glitter block with ava celebrating her first birtday and a donut stand

2. Personalized Books

Turn your child into the main character of a one-of-a-kind storybook or highlight their favorite memories in a photo book. They will read the story that is personalized just for them and follow the character modeled after them in a story they will never forget.

Storybook with one displayed on a shelve and one displayed on the tabletop

3. Bedroom Decor

Kids will be delighted to add customized pillows and blankets to their bedroom decor. You can feature photos of their beloved pet, family members or friends or choose from hundreds of artist designs on a variety of cozy pieces for their room. Each piece of bedroom decor will be an ode to your kids and their personalized style. As they see their bedroom decor feature their most cherished memories or their art work, they will be inspired each and every day.

Baby nursery with wall decor, personalized blankets and pillows

Whoever you are buying a gift for, remember to make sure it comes from the heart. Whether it is your brother, your girlfriend, your coworker, or even your kids all of these people are worth showing your appreciation. Make sure to check frequently for deals and special offers on all the best birthday gifts from Shutterfly.

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