11 Things You Should Always Buy At Dollar Tree


If you know me at all, then you must know that Dollar Tree is my absolute favorite store. Seriously, I could shop there every single day. I love going to different Dollar Trees and browsing to see what all they have. Each store always has something different that the store before didn't. Dollar Tree is great for shopping decor, crafts and so much more. Dollar Tree can also save you so much money. I mean everything is a dollar, right?  However, not everything is the perfect deal. There are somethings you should buy at Dollar Tree and somethings you should not. Here is a list of things you should always buy at Dollar Tree to save money.

1) Craft Supplies- Crafts can get expensive if you're not careful. Craft Stores are outrageous! I always purchase all of my craft supplies at Dollar Tree. 

2) Birthday Party Decorations-  You can find balloons, birthday banners, table cloths, plates, cups, silverware and so much more for only a dollar. I don't know of any other place where you can fund birthday party supplies so cheap. 

3) Photo Frames- I love Dollar Tree photo frames. They are beautiful and always up to date with the most recent home decor trends. 

4) Stocking Stuffers- Dollar Tree is my favorite place to shop for Stocking Stuffers. They always have the cutest things around Christmas Time. You certainly save money when you only shop Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers. 

5) Seasonal Decor- I have been buying seasonal decor from Dollar Tree for years. I'm a big decorator so I love being able to shop for several items when it comes to seasonal decor. If I shop at another store, I know I will only be able to get just a few things. I can double my decor when I shop Dollar Tree.

6) Snacks- My family is always needing snacks whether it be for work, travel or just in general. Snacks can get very pricey. Dollar Tree is definitely the place to shop if you want to get more bang for your buck.

7) Gift Bags- Have you seen the prices on Gift Bags? They are outrageous! I can't not imagine paying $4 or $5 just for a gift bag that will more than likely be thrown away. You are basically throwing money down the drain. Dollar Tree has beautiful gift bags and they save you so much money.

8) Coffee Mugs- Coffee Mugs are one of my favorite things to collect. After all, I do drink a lot of coffee. However, coffee mugs are expensive. Most coffee mugs are $5 or more. You can find the cutest mugs at Dollar Tree for only $1.

9) Brand Name Items- Items such as Glad Sandwich Bags, Clorox Bleach, Dawn Dish Liquid, Bounty and over the counter brand name medicines can save you so much money.

10) School Supplies- I know we have all seen the prices on school supplies. They are outrageous! I use Dollar Tree to shop for my son's school supplies so that I won't break the bank. 

11) Organization Supplies- I love the organization selection at Dollar Tree. You can find food storage organizers,  plastic storage bins, clothes hangers, laundry baskets and so much more. Dollar Tree is the only place I will shop for my organization needs.

I'm all about saving money and finding a good deal especially at my favorite store. I hope these tips help you score some deals and save you some money.