111 Super Annoying Things People Do

We’re big fans of human beings in general, but oh my Lord, sometimes they’re so annoying, we wish we could mind-control them into being better. Humanity needs an upgrade, a software patch: the first thing that should be phased out are those pesky little behaviors that irritate us. That frustrate us. That make us rant and rave on the internet and to our friends.

Bored Panda has compiled a detailed list of these annoying things that people do, big and small, all for your viewing (dis)pleasure. They’re likely to get your heart rate up, so remember to breathe and think calming thoughts throughout. Putting stickers on camera lenses, leaving restaurant tables messy, and refusing to queue properly are just a few of the maddening things lying at the tip of the iceberg. Though that last one might irk Brits more than anyone else.

As you’re scrolling down, remember to upvote the photos that you related to the most, dear Pandas. We’re also very curious about what other things annoy the ever-loving frick out of you, so be sure to write up a comment and post it at the bottom of this list. Ready to rage? Let’s go!

#1 People Who Do This Are Just The Worst

Image credits: All_dex_no_flex

#2 People Who Constantly Block The Isles Of Stores To Stand Around And Chat

Image credits: ral365

#3 People Who Leave Fast Food Places Like This

Image credits: OnionScooper

Executive coach Dr. Marcia Reynolds notes on Psychology Today that we should save our energy for serious fights instead of wasting it on everyone who annoys us even slightly. Minor conflicts aren’t worth getting stormy about, even if we might want to teach someone a well-earned lesson.

According to Dr. Reynolds if you “shift your attention elsewhere” and remove the energy from the fight, you might surprise the person who’s currently making your life a living hell. It’s a different path that’s available to us: instead of making the person go into their defensive mode and stick to their story, now they’re wondering what exactly is going on.

#4 People Hoping To Skip Queues By Standing Like This And Trying To Slip In

Image credits: MellOhCee

#5 People That Park Like This

Image credits: BenKenobi05

#6 This

Image credits: H3110_everybody

Body language, however, is just as important as our words. “Manage your non-verbal behavior. If you are going to stay out of the fight, don't roll your eyes, mutter under your breath, or make an ugly face as you turn away. You are still sparking the fire with your gestures,” Dr. Reynolds explains.

“The best thing to do is take a big breath, let it out slowly, and focus on breathing comfortably. You are strong when you control your reactions. The disrespect the person is showing has nothing to do with you personally.”

#7 These Girls Taking Up 2 Seats Each While Other People Have To Stand

Image credits: olivia_2000

#8 3 People, 12 Seats

Image credits: zarosen19

#9 People That Walk Down The Middle Of The Drive Aisle

Image credits: yeswang

Dr. Reynolds also points out that our health is far more important than putting someone in their rightful place. Sure, you might rant a bit, but you’re likely to fail to convince someone to change their ways. And the one who suffers is you because now you’re full of anger and hate. Choose to react differently, even if your instincts say otherwise.

By the way, Pandas, if you’re in the mood for some more examples of annoying behavior that’ll make you wonder how any of us manage to get along at all, you ought to check out Bored Panda’s previous articles here, here, here, and here.

#10 When People Drape Their Hair Over The Backs Of Chairs

Image credits: WildestPotato

#11 Some Jerk In My Office: “Damn, That Was Close. If I Took That Last Ice Cube I Might Have To Refill The Tray”

Image credits: Canisteo99

#12 My Friend's Desktop Deserves To Be In Here

Image credits: Iamthevengence

#13 People Who Can’t Pick Up After Themselves

Image credits: HuskerDue

#14 I Work With An Office Full Of Sadists

Image credits: NoTick

#15 People Who Do This With Their Shopping Carts

Image credits: Dirty_USB

#16 My Friend's Attempt To Sell Something On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: LeDisagreeButton

#17 For The Sake Of All Love That Is Holy, If You Do This, Please Pick A Side And Get Out Of The Damn Way

Image credits: godofmasters87

#18 This Guy At The Coffee Shop Took His Shoes Off And Put His Feet On The Coffee Table

Image credits: Kommando87

#19 70% Off Sales, People Touch Clothes And Throw Them On The Floor

Image credits: GeshaD

#20 When People Do This With Perishable Goods

Image credits: theonlybub

#21 A Friend Saw This In The Subway During The Climate Strike

Image credits: brian1706

#22 Pawn Shops Who Put Price Stickers Right On The Lens Of A Camera. No Way That’s Coming Off Clean

Image credits: JugglerNorbi

#23 This Guy On My 9 Hr Flight Just Plugged These Bad Boys In Once They Turned Off The Lights At 11:30 Pm

Image credits: deadraibead39

#24 There Are Trash Cans Literally At Every Corner In Malls. Why Make Other People Clean Up Your Mess

Image credits: tasteslikechaos

#25 People Who Do This

Image credits: Cowboie

#26 People Who Block Window Seats On Public Transit

Image credits: Yaminichi

#27 Our New Milkman Doesn’t Put The Milk Bottles In The Container After Taking The Empty Ones Out. Absolutely Barbaric Behaviour

Image credits: eggo3664

#28 My Girlfriend's Silverware Drawer At School

Image credits: Punksquirrel

#29 Someone At Work Asked If They Could Have One Of My Sudafed

Image credits: WEIGHED

#30 Sidewalk Repair In Our Historic Neighborhood. Thanks City Workers

Image credits: SilentFilmScreenplay

#31 People Who Abandon Their Unwanted Groceries In The Freezer, Causing Them To Explode And Become Unsellable

Image credits: SchuminWeb

#32 My Friend Suggested I Post My Phone Menu Screen

Image credits: mt80

#33 Both Spelling And The Actual Password For The WiFi At A Hotel Where A Friend Is Staying

Image credits: notdanstevens

#34 The Way This Professor Erases The Board

Image credits: onebelligerentbeagle

#35 Coworkers Who Do This To My Dry Erase Markers

Image credits: MakeSandwichesNotWar

#36 Let A Friend Borrow My Magnetic Beads About A Week Ago. Got Bored Today And Decided To Rebuild The Original Cube (How It Was When Borrowed). One Blue Bead Is Missing And I Can’t Make The Whole Cube Now

Image credits: kitten451

#37 My Friend Is A Category 10 Weight Hoarder

Image credits: fatkev_42

#38 My Coworker Returned The Front Desk Stapler Like This. Told Me It Ran Out Of Staples

Image credits: Stupid_Genious

#39 This Teacher Doesn’t Erase The Board Fully And Continues To Use It

Image credits: Nemo4200

#40 The Amount Of Half Empty Bottles In My Parents Fridge

Image credits: swigfusson

#41 I Had To Get Into My Car From The Passenger Seat Because This Person Doesn’t Know What The White Lines Are For

Image credits: ambitiousshark

#42 Giving A Presentation To 100 People On Their Laptop

Image credits: Gusti25

#43 I Hate People

Image credits: zross51234

#44 The Way My Dad Cuts Avocados

Image credits: IamAdogHi

#45 I'm Staying At My Friend's House Tonight And Found This Monstrosity When I Used Their 10 Year Old Son's Bathroom

Image credits: Justcallmeaunty

#46 Don't Think My Mate Understands How Screen Protectors Work

Image credits: jongtaysay

#47 My Little Brother Eats A Burger Layer By Layer

Image credits: THEFATCAT78600

#48 The Way My Grandmother Eats Pizza

Image credits: novoivittu

#49 My Girlfriend Doesn't Eat The Ends Of Her Fries

Image credits: OverusedAK

#50 Why Would Someone Do This?

Image credits: TedNivison

#51 If You Do This Then Screw You

Image credits: Jay_Cee_130

#52 The Way My Coworker Used My Tape

Image credits: chillicheesefrog

#53 This Guy At My Work Never Drinks The Whole Coca Cola

Image credits: 420minglee

#54 Coffee Shops That Add This Much Ice To Your Drink

Image credits: FlaccidUncle_

#55 Teachers Being Like, Go To This Link And Fill Out The Form

Image credits: BramKalkman

#56 This Is A Gym Trash Can, Not Your Personal Shelf

Image credits: Soup_du-Jour

#57 People Who Block My School’s Stairwells And Then Leave Them Like This

Image credits: Hungrypancake

#58 My Friends Keyboard

Image credits: letzgoviper

#59 How This Fancy "Heirloom" Pre-WWII Dishware Was Shipped To Us By Our Friend

Image credits: philthyphanatic

#60 My Grandparents DVD Player

Image credits: DumbstufMaksMiLaugh

#61 Teachers That Leave The Cursor On The Playbar

Image credits: gcz1214

#62 The Way My Wife Positions Her Drink On The Laptop

Image credits: toma0

#63 I Asked The Lady To Cut My Sandwich Into Three Pieces

Image credits: nglister

#64 Someone Cut The Tops Off The Cinnamon Crunch Bagels At The Office

People have been eating JUST the top half of the Asiago Cheese bagels, leaving behind the thin bottoms. Proof of what's left.

Image credits: ssjvash

#65 Leaving 14 Weights On A Machine For The Next Person To Move

Image credits: WeeMag420

#66 So My Sister Was Complaining There's No Toothpaste Left, She Has No Common Sense I Swear

Image credits: sambobmac

#67 I Work In A Classified Area And Have Limited Access To My Phone During The Day

Image credits: aolson03

#68 My Friend’s Adamant Refusal To Remove His Screen Protector

Image credits: Abliskarian

#69 Friend Was Eating Takis While Playing On My PC. Now I Gotta Clean It

Image credits: LordlyWarrior42

#70 This

Image credits: Theunknownnut

#71 A**holes Who Leave Store Shelves Like This

Image credits: _Lady_Deadpool_

#72 Someone At Work Always Flips The Toilet-Roll This Way. I Flip It Back Several Times A Day, But He Doesn't Give Up

Image credits: nchntrz

#73 My Friend Using Her Laptop As A Plate For Flaming Hot Cheetos

Image credits: swagmasta5000

#74 This Is What My Mom Does With Her Gum When She Drinks Coffee. I Hate It

Image credits: Nala_the_dragonborn

#75 How My Brother “Puts Away” The Dishes

Image credits: alexvmh

#76 Has To Use My Coworkers Office Today Who Is On Vacation To Make Some Phone Calls. This Is What His Phone Cord Looks Like

Image credits: marissakalyn

#77 My In Laws Are Monsters

Image credits: snuggletoast

#78 The Way My Brother Puts Ketchup On A Hamburger

Image credits: SliXzxz

#79 People Who Shop Like This

Image credits: aslave4christ

#80 When Teachers Do This

Image credits: Hayden_MS

#81 You Literally Have Walk Past The Produce Section To Leave

Image credits: noneofyourbiness

#82 I See Your Annoying Starbucks Cup And Raise You Some Good Old Cross-Contamination

Image credits: too_wit

#83 These Are Most Of The Go-Backs After My Store's Sunday Christmas Rush. Wish Me And My Coworkers Good Luck On This One

Image credits: Potatoe_Router

#84 My 29-Year-Old Sister Does This Abomination. She Opens Multiple Packages Before Finishing The Already Open Ones. This Isn’t Restricted To Cookies

Image credits: measuresareokiguess

#85 This Is Donut Anarchy: My Friend's Co-Worker Cut A Piece Out Of Every Donut In The Box

Image credits: thatpaulallen

#86 My Friend’s Screen Protector

Image credits: parkwaygive

#87 I Let My Friend Borrow My Laptop For A Day

Image credits: bengalguy

#88 That My Friend Won’t Let Me Take This Off Because, “I Need That On There”

Image credits: TenFresh

#89 My Coworker's Desktop

Image credits: modrid81

#90 My Buddy Decided This Would Be The Best Way To Open His Ziplock Bag Of Bullets

Image credits: jeffbud

#91 The Way My Grandma Eats Pizza

Image credits: Minotaur830

#92 When Your Clueless Teacher Leaves The Cursor On The Playbar

Image credits: Sketchylemons

#93 People Who Don't Peel New Things

Image credits: jdavid_rp

#94 People That Don't Clear The Timer On The Microwave

Image credits: lts_nodnarb

#95 The Way My Friend Holds The Controller

Image credits: Yilerii08

#96 My Friend Thinks This Is Funny

Image credits: Mockbubbles2628

#97 A Friend Of Mine Posts Lyrics To Every Song That Comes On Her Pandora Station

Image credits: sjrenard

#98 As A Delivery Driver, This Is So Frustrating

Image credits: Ravingrook

#99 Co Worker Has Had This Mouse For Years. How Do People Just Leave The Plastic On

Image credits: ashesarise

#100 People Who Do This

Image credits: smallsandwich125

#101 People That Do This

Image credits: Greengiant003

#102 My Friend Just Plugged In His Laptop Like This. Should I Cancel The Friendship?

Image credits: Muklas_Champion

#103 My Friend Drinks Caprisuns Like This

Image credits: godofmasters87

#104 When You Have To Ask A Friend To Leave

Image credits: HotSc

#105 The Way This Container Was Opened By One Of My Coworkers

Image credits: chaOstapper

#106 Apparently My Coworkers Think It’s Necessary To Have 6 Rolls Of Toilet Paper In Use At Once

Image credits: RamboZelda

#107 How Much Coffee Per Pot My Coworkers Think Is Needed

Image credits: ManBehindJulioOcho

#108 My Brothers Headphone Cable

Image credits: SadBro6

#109 My Friend's Xbox One Screen Is Super Small And He's Okay With It

Image credits: alexdude1085

#110 My Friend Chooses Tablets At Random From The Packet

Image credits: TheCaptainOats

#111 I Asked My Friend To Cut The Cornbread

Image credits: VinLi11