14 Ways to Organize Using Silverware Trays

Are you planning to organize the jumbled-up spaces at your home, to give it a brand new makeover? Probably you are wondering where to bring some of your old stuff after decluttering. Relax, we’ve got you covered. You might find really good uses for some of them that might even come in handy for you for an ideal organization. Here, at One Crazy House, we love finding new uses for old things, and our latest list is all about ways to use silverware trays to get organized! If you are looking for an organizer that’s on your budget, then your old silverware trays will serve that purpose pretty much well. Do not go on further looking for fancy organizers that will cost you a lot of cash. Tidy up your jewelry, finally make sense of your junk drawer, or corral your crafts supplies all with a handy little tray. Here are 14 silverware tray ideas to get you started, so dust yours off and put it to use.

14 Smart Ways To Get Organized With Silverware Trays

Silverware Tray Ideas to Get Organized

1. Silverware Tray Idea For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is that one place in the whole house that always needs some organizing, otherwise, the whole place will look cluttered and disorganized. If you are looking for an organizer, then you might want to try this silverware tray idea. Your old silverware tray is perfect to organize your family’s toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste, to avoid that cluttered look on your bathroom vanity. This is a terrific idea for the kids’ bathroom or if you all share a bathroom.

Silverware Tray Idea For Toothbrush Organization

2. Silverware Tray As A Jewelry Organizer

Hey, you there! Are you a fashionista? If you are one then you must be having loads and loads of jewelry in your room that you’ve corralled in boxes or perhaps just piled on top of your dresser. It is time to unclutter those boxes and organize your jewelry for a tidy appearance in your room. Have you got a silverware tray that is not in use? What better way to repurpose it than this? Paint it a pretty color and install hooks to create a gorgeous jewelry organizer. And there you have space for your jewelry!

Silverware Tray Organizer

3. Silverware Tray Organizer For Your Entryway

If you are looking for an organizer that is suitable for your entryway organization, then you have arrived at the right place. We now tell you that your search has come to an end. Forget about those fancy organizers that will have you spend a lot more of your money on them than you had budgeted for.

A divided basket (or silverware tray) can keep your entryway organized. If you have an unused silverware tray, good for you. Just paint it the color that you like and partition it into various compartments for keys, phones, notes, etc. Voila! You have a perfect organizer for your entry where everyone can drop their belongings in their respective slots when they come in.

Silverware Tray Idea For Your Entry Way Table Organization

4. A rustic DIY Entryway Organizer

Here is another silverware tray idea for organizing your entryway, similar to the one in idea #3 above, only that this one is hung on the wall. You could also hang the utensil tray on the wall to create an entry hub for keys, phones, sunglasses, etc. Again, you can just customize it to your liking. Paint the color you like and partition it the way you want as well. Be creative with what you want. Have fun!

Silverware Tray Idea For Your Entry Way

5. A DIY Accessories Organizer

Having a lot of hair accessories all lying on your vanity? Aren’t they making it appear cluttered? Yeah, That is why you have a hard time finding the one you are looking for. We’ve got a solution for you. Don’t go looking for an organizer elsewhere. You see that silverware tray you’ve ignored for quite some time now? Why don’t you customize it and use it to Organize your hair accessories so you can find what you need in a pinch? This is the ideal time for that!

Kitchenware as hair accessories organizer

6. Kitchenware For A Cup Cake Party Station

Well, this is a perfect setup idea if you’re having a celebration for your kid’s birthday party where lots of children will be in attendance as guests. A silverware tray will serve as the perfect holder for your toppings to have them at the same place. Again you can use this idea if you do not have enough bowls to hold all your toppings. Having a party coming up soon? Just set up an ice cream bar or a cupcake party station using a silverware tray to keep toppings divided. Get ready to entertain!

Silverware Tray Idea For Your Cupcake-Party-Toppings

7. Silverware Tray Idea For Your Kids Play Area

They say all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. It that time for your kids to play and you’re wondering where to keep the assortment of play items for your kids to be themselves without making a mess of the house. Well, have you considered using a silverware tray for this purpose? You should try this with your unused silverware tray in your kitchen and create a sensory tray of different materials for your child to play with and explore. It’s playtime!


8. Kitchenware Junk Organizer

Drawers are what we think of almost all the time when we want to put our stuff for storage. And it is for this reason that they are always in clutter, a majority of the time. It is time to declutter and organize the junk drawer once and for all with a tray! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve poked myself with a staple or written on myself with an ink pen while digging through mine. This silverware tray idea will save you all that trouble. Get one and have partitions for different things.

Kitchenware Organizer For Your Junk Drawers

9. Silverware Tray Idea For Your Makeup

For all you makeup lovers, a silverware tray may work just perfectly to organize all your makeup up and get it off your dressing table.  Corral your makeup in a tray to keep the eye shadows, lipsticks, brushes, etc. neat and tidy, in different slots where you can access them easily. This is a perfect organizer for your makeup if you’re at all looking for one.

Silverware Tray Makeup Organizer

10. Add Extra Storage With Silverware Tray

Who said that a silverware tray should just stay in the kitchen drawers alone? Well, nobody I guess! So why worry yourself too much trying to look for organizers to add in extra storage when you’ve got the perfect item to serve as an organizer? Yes, that silverware tray inside your drawer can make a good one. Install one to shelve your small knick-knacks. Easy and simple! So get ready to make this rustic project yours!

Silverware Tray Idea For Shelving

11. Silverware Tray Idea For Tea Parties

If you normally host tea parties, then you know the importance of having a tray that carries your tea and all other additives at a go. Well, a silverware tray can serve this purpose pretty much well. Look for one, paint it, decorate it your way, and put together a fab tea tray to impress your guests (or just to keep all your teas organized). Make one for the next tea party and look forward to entertaining! Of course, you’re welcome.

Silverware Tray as Tea Tray

12. Silverware Tray Idea For Batteries Storage

If you keep a whole slew of batteries to power toys, remotes, and more, a silverware tray is a lifesaver for keeping batteries organized. Declutter your jumbled-up drawer by having a whole separate area for your batteries created using a silverware tray. This will save you time when finding batteries to replace the depleted ones. You will just love the kind of organization this will bring to your drawers.

Silverware Tray Idea For Battery Organization

13. Silverware Tray As Organizer For School Supplies

It is that time of the year for the back-to-school preparations and you’ve bought loads and loads of school supplies for your kids. Keep school supplies organized at home with a silverware tray as an organizer. Use a different colored silverware tray for each kid so there’s no fighting over supplies. Teach your kids to sort each school supply differently, into separate slots for crayons, erasers, pencils, paper punches, and staplers, etc. for easy accessibility.

School Supplies Organizer

14. Kitchenware For Craft Room Organization

Looking for a way to sort out the junk in your craft room? Well, you have just clicked the right link. We as one One Crazy House are all about providing you with organizational ideas to help you live a simply organized life. For that reason, we have found you this organizational idea that uses a simple silverware or utensil tray, as an organizer for your craft room. Utensil trays are ideal for craft room organization! Store your washi tapes, beads, measuring tapes, and more in a tray and get rid of all that clutter on your table. Sort out your craft material for access in a pinch. This idea will save you time, and money of course, since they say, time is money. You will also be saving money literally because a silverware tray is just within your budget.

Craft Room Organizer

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