15 Kitchen Items That Even Best Chefs Don’t Know What to Use For

Working out what all the things shown below were actually designed for is a massive challenge. Even if kitchen is your natural habitat. Are you ready to take the test?

See a bunch of some really weird kitchen utensils

#1 ‘An old iron item, found in the pile of old kitchen stuff. What is this?’


The answer: This is a nutcracker. You use the V-shaped piece to crack hazelnuts or walnuts and then use the tweezers to take out the seeds.

#2 ‘What’s wrong with the sink?’


The answer: nothing. This is the piece you cut out of the top when you fix it to the sink. You can keep it if you think it might come in handy.

#3 ‘What is this for?’


The answer: this are turkey plates. The cut bits hold the skin which keeps the plate steady.

#4 ‘Found in the silverware collection belonging to a 90-year-old man’


The answer: It hooks onto the edge of a serving bowl and a smaller bowl goes into the top for dip

#5 ‘That’s what I found in my grandmother’s silver cutlery drawer – what is it?.’


The answer: it looks like an old-fashioned cheese scoop

#6 „Something found in the kitchen, These two things can go apart.’


The answer: it’s an ice crusher.

#7 ‘What is this small solid plastic tool?’


The answer: It’s a tool to sculpt pumpkins. This little cavity is for a kid’s thumb.’

#8 ‘This weird item was found in our Airbnb kitchen. What is it for?’


The answer: It’s a removable frying pan handle by Tefal. It is a piece from the ovenware series.

#9 ‘What is this beautiful yet weird object for?


The answer: It’s for grilling food on a barbecue or a bonfire. The food goes inside and you can easily turn it around.

#10 ‘They look like some hooks. We don’t know what they are for.’


The answer: These are bread oven accessories that you use to pull the baking tray out when it’s too hot.

#11 ‘ A wobbly little spoon with a hole. What’s that?


The answer: it’s a melon ball

#12 What is this? It came along with my kitchen set.’


The answer: this tool is for removing fish scales.

#13 ‘And what is this?’


The answer: it’s a hammer socket

#14 ‘An old (over 100 years) metal rod. It used to be kept in the kitchen drawers..’


The answer: it’s nothing but a pestle.

#15 ‘A cage of metal bars – what is it for?


The answer: it’s a cage to cook the filling

Which item was the hardest to figure out?

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