150pcs Premium Heavy-Duty Gold Plastic Silverware| Gold Cutlery Set Includes 50 Forks, 50 Knives and 50 Spoons | Gold Silverware Disposable & Reusable| Gold Flatware BPA Free

Our Heavyweight Disposable Shining Royal Gold Silverware Adds Class to Any Table.When youre putting together a party, cutlery is the last thing you want to stress over.

Having to track each & every piece of is a monumental task. And lets not talk about the excruciating & delayed clean up.

Here at Ecoryte, we want to help simplify your planning & life. Well get you disposable cutlery that looks & feels like the real deal.

The second you open up our box, youll see the glimmer of treasure inside:

50x Shining Gold Plastic Forks
50x Stunning Gold Plastic Spoons
50x Sharp Gold Plastic Knives

Everything you need to make your party a huge success is in your hands, so theres no last minute scrambling. When your guests arrive at the scene, theyll be shocked by the beauty.

To their pleasant delight, when they pick up any piece, theyll love the weight & ergonomic feel. Our cutlery is perfect for classing up a:Big family event like Thanksgiving or Christmas, bringing loved ones together.Festive wedding where lifelong pictures & memories are forged.Special birthday that makes anyone smile.Romantic anniversary that youll remember forever.Party where you want to bring your A-game & upgrade decor.When your event is over, you can either throw away each piece or re-use them if you cant help the temptation. The cutlery isnt dishwasher or oven safe, so youll need to wash by hand.

To effortlessly wash, lather dish detergent on top of our gold cutlery & clean thoroughly.

If food is encrusted on top, leave in a bowl of water until the residue softens.

Product Features

  • CLASS UP YOUR EVENT WITH ROYAL GOLD Your guests eyes will pop wide open when they see the glorious gold that sits atop your elegant table.
  • THROW AN UPSCALE PARTY WITH EASY CLEANUP Throwing a beautiful Thanksgiving, wedding or BBQ becomes much simpler when theres no cutlery cleanup.
  • OUR HEAVY-WEIGHT FLATWARE DOESNT FLAKE OR PEEL No cheap party store supplies here, our premium gold finish doesnt scratch off.
  • SCARILY CLOSE TO REAL SILVERWARE Our chic, refined gold cutlery has no rough edges & looks incredibly authentic until you pick it up.
  • TOUGH FOODS ARE NO MATCH Dont worry, our gorgeous cutlery doesnt break against difficult food like steak, chicken, lasagna & turkey.