6 Popular Bento Lunchbox Options for All Ages and Meals!

A bento lunchbox will be your answer to better, more organized meals! 

hand holding the corner of a pink and gray bento style lunchbox

Pack it all… perfectly. 🍱😍

A bento lunchbox will be your answer to better, more organized meals! Check out our favorite picks that are perfect for adults and kids.

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What is a bento lunchbox?

kids hands holding sides of blue organized lunchbox

These unique lunchboxes originated in Japan and bento simply means they have individual compartments for packing different textures and types of food in each one. The idea behind bento is to have a complete meal by using the compartments.

So cute, right?! 

hand holding pink tray from bento box

This Bentgo lunchbox has lasted us 4 years! 😍

In case our four years of use isn’t enough of a disclaimer, it’s worth mentioning again how durable and long-lasting this bento lunchbox is! From beach vacations to the pool and lasting throughout my daughter’s first year of kindergarten, we’ve toted this Bento box everywhere! 👏🏻

pink bentgo bento lunchbox with gray ice pack insert sitting on wood table

And I just recently bought another Bentgo lunchbox with an ice pack for this school year! 🧊

Since the compartments in our original Bentgo lunchbox are more ideal for a preschooler, I recently upgraded my daughter to one with just four compartments so we can fit larger quantities of food.

As a bonus, her new bento lunchbox came with its own ice pack so it stays cool on its own! 🤩 We already used it all summer long at the pool so I know she’ll have no problem keeping her food cold before lunchtime.

Plus, there are a bunch of Bentgo Lunchboxes on sale right now on Amazon!

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox – Solid Colors – $27.99 (regularly $29.99)
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Final cost just $22.99!

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox – Patterns – $29.99 (regularly $39.99)
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Bentgo Kids Chill Lunchbox w/ Ice Pack – $29.99 (regularly $39.99)
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Final cost just $24.99!

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Bentgo lunch and snack bundle

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox Bundle 2-Pack  – $29.98

That’s just $14.99 EACH for 2 original Bentgo lunch boxes! 

Bentgo Kids Chill Lunchbox Bundle 2-Pack  – $39.98

That’s just $19.99 EACH for 2 Bentgo lunch boxes with ice packs! 

hand holding gray and pink bento lunchbox on dishwasher rack

By far my favorite thing about these Bentgo lunch boxes is the fact they’re all dishwasher safe and clip apart for even easier cleaning.  🙌🏻

More than likely, that’s not something you can probably say about your kiddo’s traditional-style lunchbox.

hand holding pink and gray bento box

Plus, my daughter actually LOVES to help pack her lunch and it encourages her to eat a variety of foods!

The unique, individual compartments encourage her to try multiple foods since she’s so insistent on filling each of them with a different food before we head out the door.

Best of all, they’re both completely air-tight so you can even pack applesauce or yogurt without a worry in the world! This also means I’m not needing to pack extra plastic containers and risk them getting thrown out in the school cafeteria trash.

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hand holding a hot pink bentgo bento lunchbox inside sparkly peach pink handle lunchbox

The only caveat I can think of with this bento lunchbox is they don’t come with a handle, but I’ve found them to fit in any standard lunchbox so it’s an easy fix if that’s a must-have.

hand holding a bento lunchbox over wood table

Additionally, the original Bentgo box I bought isn’t insulated so storing it with separate ice packs will be necessary for long-term food storage. Otherwise, your best bet is to scoop up the Bentgo lunchbox with the built-in ice pack.

Here are 5 more bento lunchbox options our team loves:

1. My Hip sidekick Erica loves PlanetBox which is non-toxic and comes with a 5-year warranty.

little girl holding Planetbox metal bento style lunch box

Planetbox makes a non-toxic bento lunchbox made of high-quality stainless steel to keep your food cool for longer and the company claims it’s the only lunch box your kids will ever need!

They’re dishwasher safe and you can personalize your PlanetBox bento lunchbox with their fun magnet designs so your kids will never grow bored of packing their meals! Plus, they come with a 5-year warranty so you know they’re built to last.

Shop PlanetBox carry bags if you need them to stay insulated even longer.

close up of safari themed bento box on countertop

Here’s what my Hip sidekick Erica said about her kid’s PlanetBoxes:

“I love our PlanetBox bento lunchbox! They’re pretty pricey, but after hearing from a few friends how amazing they are, I had to give them a try. The best part is they will literally last forever! I can easily organize my kiddos’ lunches for school with all the different compartments and I know it will stay cool all day since it’s made of stainless steel! Plus, they love the little magnets they get to decorate the lunch box which makes it super fun!”

2. Bentgo makes this bento lunchbox stylish enough for adults and they come with their own silverware.

bento box on countertop with silverware and food inside

Almost half the cost of my daughter’s Bentgo lunchbox, you can score this stackable set for yourself from the same reputable company and each one even comes with reusable silverware so there’s plenty of bang for your buck.

Best of all, it’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe so it’s still super convenient too. Speaking of convenience, when you’re done eating, the top portion nests inside the bottom, making storage more convenient.

3. This super inexpensive bento lunchbox on Amazon is perfect for salad lovers.

salad container bento box organizer on counter

Freshmage Salad Lunch Container$9.99+ (regularly $16.99)

Salad lovers everywhere will appreciate having this bento lunchbox to tote around to work or school! It features a bottom compartment suitable for all your salad (or a hot entrée if desired). Plus, the top compartment will be just what you need for all your toppings and dressing. Even better, it comes with a fork too so you’ll be effortlessly prepared every day!

Are you a Sam’s Club member? Scoop up a Bentgo Salad Bento Lunchbox 2-Pack for just $19.68. That’s just $8.49 each! 😱

4. Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox comes with its own ice pack and clips together to fit in any bag.

stacks of rubbermaid plastic containers with blue ice packs on counter

Rubbermaid Lunchblox Tall Lunch Bag Kit – $19.38

While they’re not exactly categorized as a bento lunchbox, these five-star Rubbermaid containers that snap together had to make the cut considering all the fantastic reviews! Plus, they even include their very own ice pack so you can ensure everything is not just staying cool all day, but also staying in the perfect place.

Best of all, this affordable and fun option will fit in just about any lunchbox or bookbag depending on the stacked or flat set you choose!

5. Get a bag, utensils, and the best price with this highly-rated all-in-one bento box!

bento box with bag and food spread out on kitchen countertop

You can really have it all with this eco-friendly bento lunchbox! It’s innovatively made of wheat straw and BPA-free, non-toxic plastic so you can feel good about packing your lunch inside. Better yet, it comes with everything you need including reusable utensils, an insulated carry bag, and even a durable elastic band to hold everything together.

These compartments are just as functional as they are stylish too since they can be easily washed in the dishwasher and are microwave safe! You’ll be enjoying every meal with this set in tow!

These highly-rated kids’ lunchboxes are too cool for school.