7 Of The Smartest Kitchen Organizers You Can Get For Under $30

If you’re like me and have dozens of kitchen tools that help with wide variety of culinary tasks, then you already know how tricky it can be to keep your kitchen organized! Drawers, pantries, and countertops can become congested and disorganized all too easily.

While having gadgets for everything can make cooking easier and more fun, junked-up drawers can lead to a lot of inefficiency and frustration!Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline your kitchen storage and work areas without breaking the bank?

The good news is that you can, with the help of a few brilliantly designed and inexpensive kitchen organizers you can get on Amazon! These 7 organizing tools will help you control clutter and keep your kitchen much more organized!

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7 Of The Smartest Kitchen Organizers Under $30

1. YouCopia StoraLid Lid Organizer

Price: $20

Digging around to find a lid that fits my chosen food storage container is one of my pet peeves! But with this food container lid organizer, I can keep them neatly organized in one place for an easy win.

The adjustable dividers enable you to customize the spacing to accommodate lids of various shapes and sizes, and they stay upright and sorted just the way you like them! Keep this organizer in your cabinet or a deep drawer so you can quickly grab the lid you need when storing leftovers or prepping tomorrow’s lunch.

2. Eco Kitchenware Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Price: $25

If your drawers are a cluttered mess of kitchen utensils, keep them organized with this angled utensil drawer organizer. No more wayward rolling pins or spatulas getting tangled up in your whisk!

This organizer creates a place for everything, and the diagonal arrangement lets you store extra-long items (up to 16” in length) as well as small and oddly shaped items. Genius!

3. Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Organizer Tray For Cutlery

Price: $10

And speaking of angles, this compact cutlery organizer has angled slots that make it easy to store all of your silverware in even the most narrow drawers. It will utilize more of the vertical space inside your drawer while keeping your cutlery separate and easy to grab.

4. YouCopia 2-Tier Crazy Susan With Bins

Price: $30

You’ve heard of a lazy Susan, but what about a crazy Susan? Use this two-tiered spinning stand and included bins to organize your fridge, pantry or countertop like never before! The bins are also removable, making them easy to grab from the fridge or pantry and return once you’ve gotten what you need.

This crazy Susan has tons of space and there are several different ways you can configure each section depending on what you’re organizing. Nothing will ever get lost in the corner of your cabinet again!

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, try utilizing easy-grab bins to organize your fridge or pantry. Learn more about those (as well as other affordable finds to help organize your kitchen) in this blog post.

5. SINGAYE 2-Tier Microwave Rack

Price: $25

Running out of space on your countertops? Build up, not out! Instantly add valuable vertical storage space to your kitchen with this two-tier carbon steel rack.

It’s the perfect size to go over the top of your microwave, or anywhere else you may have a few extra inches above a flat surface! Assembly is minimal and easy, and the package contains all of the tools you’ll need to put it together.

6. G-TING Adjustable Pots & Pans Organizer

Price: $22

Tired of your pots and pans tumbling out of your cabinet every time you open the door, or not being able to find the right lid for your pots? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this adjustable pots and pans rack!

This rack can be configured in a dizzying number of ways, allowing you to create an efficient setup for both your specific storage space and your unique collection of cookware. (And if you don’t have the space for this type of organizer, you can check more ideas for storing and organizing your pots and pans here.)

7. PrepWorks Freezer Pods

Price: $13

When it comes to freezing all sorts of liquids from homemade soups to fruit purees, many people pour them into ice cube trays first. Having smaller frozen cubes allows you to grab a few cubes as needed instead of having to thaw out a big frozen block.

But I recently discovered a new line of products that takes the ice cube tray concept and makes it even better: PrepWorks Freezer Pods! I actually like these so much that I recently wrote a whole blog post about them. Discover all of the amazing features of Freezer Pods here.

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Do you have a favorite inexpensive organizer?

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