a Halloween tablescape with a mystery book theme

I couldn't resist tackling at least one Halloween post this year, especially when Liz Vice gave me a sweet shout-out on Facebook, about all my old Halloween parties of yesteryear.  And it made me smile.   Once upon a time I used to be a Halloween maniac during this season. And since I woke up one day recently-- with a rare feeling of normalness in my chest, I decided to let my creative juices get going. 
One little post that only took some simple grocery store flowers.

I hope you enjoy it.

A mystery-book themed dinner party with a library card invitation :

made here

With books being the center of attention at this table, I envision wonderful conversations about the latest books being read by fellow guests. And the best part of book conversations is how a simple topic about someone's favorite author or book can result in so many surprising facts about fellow readers.

One of my most sentimental buys I've ever gotten from a used bookstore was a big box filled with old Nancy Drew books for twenty bucks. I was so excited. As a little girl I loved these mysteries and I still remember that first book I carried to the librarian to check out: The Secret of the Old Clock.
oooooohh I couldn't wait!

Personally I love the idea of incorporating books into a table setting and especially for Halloween, mystery books are perfect choice. I've seen Joanna set tables with books opened and placed underneath each dinner plate for a creative touch, but I prefer opening them up on top the plate so the words can be seen.

One creative idea for a place card is to write each name on a bookmark and display it inside the open book.

Or since it's a mystery theme you might place a magnifying glass over each name card.

Over time I've collected brass candlesticks and vases from my thrift store visits and there's nothing better for a Halloween table than old, scruffy-looking brass contrasted with black candles.

I'm also a believer that you can never have too many candles when it comes to creating atmosphere. And whenever I buy the lemon curd from Trader Joes I save the jars to use for my votive candles. I recommend adding a layer of sand or water at the bottom of the jar if I plan on letting them burn for hours, so you don't end up with dried, thick wax on the glass

For this centerpiece I used a piece of green floral foam wedged inside and just filled it with red roses, carnations, fresh eucalyptus, and lime green hydrangeas.

Olive branches from my tree and fresh eucalyptus are down the middle of the table. For continuity I use the same hydrangeas from the garden to tuck into the arrangement in the vase and around the candles..

These mix and match napkins came from TJMaxx.

I really like this gold silverware set from Target.

Roses from an old arrangement I finally threw out found a perfect home.

Living in Southern California means you can still have dinners outside in October...which is nice.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days I'll throw a big mystery book dinner party and when I do, you'll be on my guest list!

xo Leslie

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