A Love Letter to Seattle: 13 Things We Can’t Wait to Do Again

When the going gets tough, Seattle comes together. And although we know Seattle families have totally got this, there’s no denying there are things we’re starting to miss. So until we cross the finish line, here are 13 things we’re looking forward to being able to do again.

photo: Emily Williams

Play at the beach building sandcastles, throwing rocks and hunting for hidden crabs during low tide. Then end the day with a beach side picnic on a warm night.


photo: Seattle Parks via flickr

Simply walk or jog around Green Lake on a sunny day just because.

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Meet a friend at the neighborhood coffee shop—the one that has a kid’s activity area—to enjoy a hand-crafted cup of coffee. In a mug. No to-go cups about it.

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Stand face-to-face with the brown bears and the sleepy jaguar at Woodland Park Zoo, before heading off to find the siamangs, hoping all the way they’ll be singing when you get there. Then hitting the Red Mill Burger for a deluxe with cheese, please, side of onion rings and a chocolate shake before heading home.

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Roll in to a favorite neighborhood joint for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast, and listen to the busy sounds of clinking silverware and continuous chatter filling the air, during the wait.

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Spend the afternoon at City Center, listening to the joyful sounds of children playing at the Artists playground. Followed by a show at SCT…or playtime at PacSci… or the Children’s Museum…or MoPOP (it’s so hard to choose!) before heading to the international fountain so the kids can play “can’t catch me” with the dancing water.

photo: Tiffany Von Arnim via flickr

Take a leisurely ferry ride—destination anywhere. One where you park the car and head up deck to find a table so the kids can sprawl, roam and head out into the fresh air whenever they want.

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Story time at our local neighborhood branch, where the kids know each other or are always ready to make new friends.

photo: Angela Barton

Hit the trail for a hike at one of Washington’s gorgeous state or national parks.

Pack the wagon full of food and blankets, topped with kids, for a Zoo Tunes concert. Then get there early enough to find a prime spot toward the back, maybe on the grassy knoll, near the carousel, so the kids have plenty of space to dance. See ya there in 2021!

photo: Shane J. via yelp

Family bike rides on the Burke.

photo: Fremont Farmer's Market via yelp

Visit the Bridge Troll on the way to the Fremont Market, where the kids can't wait to peruse the oddities in the underground Hyper Market, and you can't wait to score a $10 bouquet. Followed by a savory waffle from BeanFish (K-pop, please!) and macarons from Alexandra’s as a treat.

photo: courtesy School of Rock

Take the kids to a neighborhood festival: West Seattle Summer Fest, Magnolia Summerfest, HONK! Fest West, the Greenwood Car Show. We're not picky, any one will do!

—Allison Sutcliffe


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Featured image: Seattle Center via yelp

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