Are you making these common kitchen organization mistakes? Find out how to correct these mistakes and get your kitchen organized once and for all.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and if it’s disorganized, your whole home feels chaotic.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top organization mistakes people make in the kitchen, and how you can fix those mistakes to make your kitchen organized and efficient.
Kitchen Organization Mistakes
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Having Too Much Stuff On Your Countertops – Cluttered countertops make it hard to prepare food in the kitchen. Clear off your countertops to make space for yourself to create meals in a clutter-free area.Related: Declutter Your Kitchen Countertops: An Easy, Satisfying Organizing Project
Not Having a Dedicated Spice Storage Area – If you have spices stored here and there, it’s hard to find what you need when you’re putting together a recipe. Store all of your spices together so you know what you have on hand, and what you need to replenish.Related: Step-By-Step Spice Drawer Organization

Storing Frequently Used Items Far Away from the Dishwasher – Store the dishes you use the most as close to the dishwasher as you can. This will cut down on the time it takes to put things away, and make keeping your kitchen organized so much easier. If you do nothing else, try this tip today – it’s a game-changer! Not Keeping a Food Inventory – Not knowing what food you have on hand leads to food waste and overbuying. Keep an inventory of what’s in your pantry, fridge, and freezer so you can refer to it when meal planning.Related: Organize Food Staples with a Pantry Inventory

Not Having a System for Reusable Napkins, Towels, etc. – Do you have a cupboard or drawer full of linens you never use? Making good use of your reusable towels, napkins, and rags can save you from having to spend a lot on paper towels and paper napkins. Have a place to store dirty items so they can be washed right away, and make a habit of actually using your reusables.Read: How to Save Money and Reduce Waste with Your Cloth Napkins

Storing Bulky Items in the Wrong Place – Bulky pans, appliances and gadgets that don’t get a lot of use don’t need to take up valuable storage space in your kitchen. Store items you don’t use a lot somewhere else in your home to make space in your kitchen for frequently-used items. Using the Under the Sink Cabinet as a Catch-All – Is your under the sink cabinet full of crumpled up plastic shopping bags? Declutter and organize that space so that it works for you. This cabinet is perfect for storing dishwasher detergent, liquid soap, and a neat box of garbage bags. It’s also the perfect place to put a bin for dirty rags (see #5). Hoarding Kitchen Items that Should Be Decluttered – If your cupboards are busting at the seams, it’s time to declutter your kitchen! Get rid of duplicates, broken items, and expired foods. You’ll be amazed at how nice it feels to have a decluttered kitchen full of only the items you actually like and use. Not Storing Like Items Together – Are you shoving things in cabinets willy nilly? Create storage zones for like items.It makes finding things and putting things away a snap. To start, set up storage areas for silverware, glasses, plates, pots and pans, and everyday items.  Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

Once you’ve decluttered and organized your kitchen, start a solid routine for maintaining it.

It just takes good habits and a couple of minutes a day to keep your kitchen organized and clean.

Go here to learn more about setting up your own home management routine.
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