I've always liked Atria's but ever since the one in Robinson closed, we rarely, if ever, dine there. It has been years since we dined there. A couple of weeks ago, we met SP's family at the Atria's in McMurray for dinner. Here's what we ate:
To start: Sherry Crab Bisque. We both have always really liked this soup. I didn't want a cup for myself, but I happily shared SP's bowl and the soup was as yummy as we remember.
SP chose a Scallops special for his meal. They were huge, nicely seared, atop peppers and some kind of wilted greens. He said they were good.
I chose Chicken Madeira (Pan-Seared Chicken, Mushrooms, Madeira Wine Sauce, Smashed Redskins, Grilled Asparagus, Mozzarella). This was really tasty. The sauce is delicious. The potatoes were yummy, too.

At first I was sad that my old favorite of penne in a creamy tomato sauce with spinach was no longer on the menu (it hasn't been for years, I just have very good memories of that dish!), but the Chicken Madeira is so good that I forgot all about pasta. Our server was friendly, checked on garlic for me, kept beverages filled. The only issue was that there wasn't any napkin-wrapped silverware on the table, not even when the soup arrived, and that's when we all realized we needed napkins.

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