Bamboo -X Utensils Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set 252 Count: 50 Forks 50 Spoons 50 Knives 50 Compostable Brown Napkins 50 Bamboo Toothpicks 2 Biodegradable Trash Bags Eco Friendly Utensils Set


Plastic can take up to1,000years to biodegrade, and more than 50% of discarded plastics have only been used once. Bamboo -X is providing a solution. Not only is making disposable utensils made from wood simple, its a huge upgrade from plastic:

Follow us to find together Sustainable Product solutions to help the planet. Stop using Plastic Material. Let The Earth Breath AGain.We only use 100% natural birchwood without chemicals or dyes of any kind.

Durable Made of tough birch wood, your forks, knives, and spoons wont break under pressure and wont create choking hazards as cheap plastic silverware does.
Healthy Containing absolutely no plastic or BPA, Bamboo -X is a healthy, alternative for you and your family.
Sustainable Wooden compostable utensils biodegrade wy faster than plastic, without leaching toxic chemicals into the soil or putting plants and animals at risk.

The smallest adjustment in the type of disposable flatware you use can have an enormous impact on Earths Eco-system.

BAMBOO -X Has You Covered!

Use them for:
birthday parties
Wedding receptions
Wedding decorations
Baby showers
Family reunions
Bridal showers
BBQ days
Restaurant Take-Out
Coffee Shops
Office meals
Business events
kids lunch box
For everyday home use

you just name it.

BAMBOO -X and Give Back!

At BAMBOO -X, weve always got communityin mind! Its why a portion of all Bambo -X proceeds are given to charities and causes contributing to a cleaner, greener Planet.

>BAMBOO -X Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set 252 Count Specs:

Forks 50 ct. | Birch | 6.2 in

Knives 50 ct. | Birch | 6.5 in.

Spoons 50 ct. |

Product Features

  • VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: You will enjoy a High Quality 6.5 Inch, 252 pack of Disposable Wooden Utensils. 50 Guest Biodegradable Utensils: 50 Wooden forks, 50 Wooden Spoons, 50 Wooden Knives, 50 Individualy Wrapped Toothpicks, 50 Biodegradable Napkins, 2 Biodegradable Garbage bags. Enjoy beiing guilt free. Our Disposable Compostable Dinnerware and its recycled packaging will not leave any long-term waste in our planet.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASION: The Premium Select Bamboo -X cutlery set is stylish chic, and trendy. Our Bamboo-X Utensils Cutlery Set is ideal for birthday parties, wedding receptions and decorations, baby showers, family reunions, bridal showers, picnics, camping, BBQ days, Restaurant Take-Out, for Coffee Shops or office meals, business events, kids lunch box, even for everyday home use, you just name it.
  • SMOOTH & DURABLE: Bamboo -X Wooden Cutlery Disposable are Cool, Modern, And Chic. They made Smooth & Durable Reusable; they will leave the best Impressions to your Guests, Staff, and Customers. Bamboo -X compostable cutlery has become No1 Option For Restaurant Owners and Caterers when it comes to choosing Disposable Silverware and Disposable Wood utensils. Sustainable products: Bamboo -X is made of Sustainable Birchwood makes it a completely biodegradable cutlery set.
  • BAMBOO -X EARTH DEFENDERS. Follow us to find together Sustainable Product solutions to help the planet. Stop using Plastic Material. We only use 100% natural birchwood without chemicals or dyes of any kind. Earth Friendly Products, Guaranteed Toxin-Free BPA-Free Chemical Free No coating 100% Sustainable. They come with an plastic-free recyclable kraft box. Upon Disposal, Bamboo -X Silverware are capable of being decomposition by Biological Microorganisms, and not harming the environment.
  • THOUGHTFUL PRESENT: Our Disposable Wood Cutlery serves as an essential gift for friends, family and anyone who loves high-quality disposable utensils; We ensure that our wooden silverware set will meet your expectations. The safe design of our wood utensils set will help teach your kids how to eat without risk of injury. SAFE PURCHASE: If you have any issues with our wooden flatware set, contact us and we will make sure you have a positive experience.