Best of 2019 Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Best of 2019  Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

For the final Blog Carnival of 2019, I asked my readers to submit their best blog post of the year. I left it up to them how to interpret the word best but a few of the reasons shared with me for the selections were:

  • most traffic
  • most feedback
  • most fun to write
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As you read what my readers consider their best posts of 2019, youre sure to pick up some valuable tips and perhaps even some inspiration for your own blog!

Please connect with the bloggers on social media, leave comments, and share your favorite posts with your own network. Please use the hashtags #POBC and #Bestof2019 in your social media posts.

Laura Wittmann An Organizer's Thoughts on Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Netflix Series
Nancy Haworth What is Household Management?
Melissa Gratias How to Handle Professional Betrayal
Linda Samuels How to Let Go of Perfect With Humor for the Greater Good
Sabrina Quairoli Doable Weekly Challenges to Clear the Clutter this Year
Mel Carruthers Its spring cleaning time!
Seana Turner Decluttering With My Mom
Julie Bestry Is Your Junk Drawer a Drunk Drawer? 3 Steps to An Organized Junk Drawer
Janet Schiesl 10 Reasons You Keep Clothes You Don't Wear
Olive Wagar What's on Your Happy List?
Damaris Welles Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts that won't become Clutter
Julie Stobbe 7 Organizing packing tips for a move across the country
Anne Blumer I agree and I disagree, Marie
Margarita Ibbott Do Packing Cubes Work? Yes, they do!
Kim Tremblay How to Have More Clarity and Trust Your Intuition
Debbie Rosemont Disorganization is Costing You More Than You Think
Sue West Plan Your Day the Night Before: Why and How
Sara Skillen Perfectly Good
Hazel Thornton Mom's Good Silverware
Janet Barclay Do you need a Website Care Plan?
Catherine Barnsley Good-bye Red Shoes, Good-bye Guilt

Thanks to everyone who shared their Best of 2019! Be sure to come back next week to find out who has attained the rank of Star Blogger, Superstar Blogger, or Megastar Blogger during the past year, and which editions were the most popular.

Its not too early to start thinking about next year! Please let me know what topics youd like to read or write about or if you know of a potential sponsor (maybe even yourself!).

In the meantime, go ahead and submit a post to Januarys Blog Carnival, when the topic will be Next Steps.

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