Buy It For Life: 138 Durable Products That Deliver No Matter How Old They Are (New Pics)

They definitely don’t make stuff like they used to. We’ve heard that before, but it’s ridiculous how true it actually is. Generally speaking, the quality of the products that we buy is worse (often on purpose) than in the past. Whether we’re talking about planned obsolescence, shoddy craftsmanship, or plain old cutting corners because of greed, it’s frustrating having to watch your furniture, tech, and tools break down in just a few seasons. The environment and our wallets end up paying for it.

However, it’s inspiring to finally find some products that stand the test of time and keep working well. Decade after decade. After decade. That’s where the r/BuyItForLife (aka BIFL) subreddit comes in. A community of nearly 1.1 million redditors, it’s a space where people have been sharing photos and recommendations of “practical, durable, and quality made products that are made to last” since the founding of the subreddit in August 2011.

Scroll down for the best of r/BuyItForLife and for some awesome inspiration in case you need a new fridge, thermos, or pretty much anything else for life. Meanwhile, you’ll find Bored Panda’s previous articles about the subreddit here: Part 1 and Part 2.

#1 This Зил Soviet Fridge Is Over 50 Years Old, And Is Still Actively Used By Our Family Without Issues

Image credits: whyvitamins

#2 Found This On The Curb. All Accessories In The Bowl. Works Beautifully

Image credits: a_handful_of_snails

#3 After 7 Months Of Waiting, My Bifl Ernest Wright Scissors Finally Arrived From Across The Pond

Image credits: Misterclean22

The r/BuyItForLife subreddit initially started off as a spin-off of r/ShutUpandTakeMyMoney. ‘Buy It For Life’ moderator and founder u/Petrarch1603 was inspired by some of the products they saw there.

“I noticed that sometimes [it featured] useful products that I was interested in buying. Unfortunately, I also noticed a lot of gimmicks and cheaply made products too," they said.

#4 1974 Calculator From Kmart ($14 Then)

Image credits: drbobsled

#5 1911 Ingersoll Yankee That Belonged To My Great (Times A Few) Uncle. The Original "Dollar Watch" Still Keeping Time 110 Years Later

Image credits: natedogg89

#6 Family Heirloom Restoration In Progress!

Image credits: WarrenCluck

Previously, one of the mods told Bored Panda that some of the most popular items that get posted on the subreddit include: “Stanley Thermos, Darn Tough Socks, Kitchen Aid mixers, Red Wing boots, and pots and pans, particularly cast iron.”

"Most products are built to be as cheap as possible .... and poorly assembled (maybe partly due to planned obsolescence but mostly just due to the fact that people in general like spending less). The products that you see lasting longer are often made of higher quality material and care when built. But they're also priced accordingly,” they shared with us.

#7 Dad’s 1920s Or 30s GE Fridge. Been In The Family For Decades And Still Works Fine

Image credits: Datsun350z

#8 The Best Pencil Sharpener. Berol Chicago - Apsco

Image credits: cmon_now

#9 This Multimillion Dollar Hospital Lab I Work In With Huge Analyzers And New Equipment Manufactured Months Ago Has A Tape Dispenser From 1960-1970 Held Up By A Toothpick Stick

Image credits: Squaragus_Asparagus

One of the main ways that individuals can help protect the environment and fight climate change is by buying new products less frequently, according to The Jump campaign.

As such, buying longer-lasting, more durable products is better not only for your wallet, but it helps put a dent in how much you, as an individual, contribute to the climate crisis. The fewer newer products bought, the less pollution, the fewer carbon emissions.

#10 Le Creuset Enamel/ Iron Saucepan Set (80’s/90’s)

Image credits: Fruitndveg

#11 Family Heirloom Thanksgiving Cactus, 100 Years Old, Three Generations In The Family

Image credits: MacTechG4

#12 1958 Gillette Adjustable/ Still Using Semi Daily

Image credits: Fruitndveg

Recently, Bored Panda spoke about the climate crisis and why some people still don’t believe in climate change with Joseph Pierre, a professor of psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He said that more people understand that climate change is real, however, many feel powerless to stop it.

"We’ve actually seen a significant decrease in climate change denial across the world over the past decade. One reason is that we’ve all been witnessing global warming and its effects firsthand with the hottest temperatures ever recorded in recent years,” he said.

#13 Old Electrolux Vacuum From 1969. My Grandparents Still Use It To This Day Because It Still Works Perfectly

Image credits: DrewTheJew2

#14 Sterling 5 Qt Ice Cream Maker (Ca 1970s); Inherited From Grandma, Still Churning Goodness

Image credits: parothed28

#15 My Boxed Sony Walkman Dc2 Complete With Original Invoice From 1987. Still Working, Use It In My Car On Occasion

Image credits: macnerd93

“Another reason is that climate change scientists, governments, and various advocacy groups have also been a lot more vocal about the consensus on this issue, pushing back against the disinformation campaigns of conservative groups and Big Oil," Dr. Pierre told Bored Panda.

#16 In 2000, I Was Studying Overseas & Cringed As I Forked Over $10 For The Plainest Pencil I Could Find In The University Bookstore. I Had No Idea It Would Become My Forever Favorite & I'd Carry It Everywhere For The Next 22 Years

Image credits: faith5

#17 My Mom's Hair Dryer Has Been Used For 42 Years And Stopped Working For The First Time. Turns Out It Was Just A Faulty Cable, So I Replaced And It's Up Again

Image credits: cabruncolamparao

#18 Wedding Gift My Parents Got In The Late 60s. Stelton Aj Coffee Pot

Image credits: fantasifull

"To me, the biggest challenge isn’t converting those who continue to deny anthropogenic [i.e. caused by humans] climate change—it’s how to best translate growing acceptance of anthropogenic climate change into political and legislative action. I think that there are a lot of people who now believe that anthropogenic climate change is real, but feel powerless to do anything about it," he said.

"While we can all do some small part as consumers, the reality is that real change has to come from the fossil fuel industry acting against its immediate self-interests in order to steer us away from future disaster," the professor warned that even though everyone can contribute to the solution, it’s the large multinational corporations that hold the power to make a bigger impact against global warming.

#19 Mums Hairdryer - She Thinks It’s From 1950s

Image credits: hyca5665rwulgd

#20 Beyerdynamic Dt 880 Headphones From 1981 Still Sound Better Than Almost All Modern Headphones I've Tried

Image credits: Dogeboja

#21 My 1985 Numatic Henry, Still Going Strong!

Image credits: J3ttf

"Like the tobacco industry, there’s good evidence that Big Oil believes that anthropogenic climate change is a reality, but refuses to acknowledge it publicly. That’s not true denial, it’s deception. Which means that change won’t happen unless there’s legislative action on a global scale. If we don’t demand that as citizens and voters, it won’t happen."

Despite more and more people becoming aware of how their daily choices and purchases impact the environment and the planet, some still refuse to believe that people are causing climate change.

#22 My 30 Year Old Kitchen Stove That Is Still Used Daily

Image credits: MexikutionerTheBruh

#23 70s Blender Brought Back To Life!

 Restored With An Updated Newer Pitcher! This Thing Is A Beautiful Beast! Loud But Worth The Hearing Loss Lol. Can We Bring This Type Of Quality Back Please?!

Image credits: crazyleaf_

#24 My Wife Inherited This Singer Sewing Machine From Her Grandma - Still Works Perfectly. Not Sure Of The Year Though

Image credits: hotsaucermen

"Research has also shown that attitudes about climate change are related to 'naïve realism' based on our own personal experience of the weather. We tend to be insensitive to data from around the world or what’s going on with glacial melts in favor of what we experience in our own lives,” Dr. Pierre told us.

"Personally experiencing record-breaking heatwaves and flooding tends to increase belief in climate change, but cold winters can have the opposite effect,” he said.

#25 My 50 Year Old Hobart N50, Restored The Paint

Image credits: theyellowspaceman

#26 Neverquit Merino Wool Crew Socks. Daily Wear Since November 2019

Image credits: ex4579

#27 Over 50 Years Old And Still Making Superbowl Queso

Image credits: Reflection_Big

“Since we all experience a diurnal variation of at least 20 degrees F’ on any given day, it’s hard to imagine why climate change scientists are saying that a predicted increase of just a few degrees of mean global temperature could spell mass disaster for the planet,” the expert noted that we don’t notice small changes over long periods of time.

Meanwhile, some climate change deniers erroneously believe that there’s disagreements among scientists regarding the ecological crisis and whether it’s manmade.

"This is partially due to lack of awareness about just how many climate change scientists agree that anthropogenic climate change is a reality and the associated misperception that there’s disagreement on this subject. Reviews of published literature, as well as polls, have consistently shown that consensus among climate change scientists about anthropogenic climate change is 97% or higher," he said.

#28 When You Frequent This Sub A Little Too Much...

Image credits: Hani713

#29 1950 Frigidaire Delux

Image credits: AStuckner

#30 My Kenmore Refrigerator From The Mid 80s. Still Running Strong

Image credits: PizzasarusRex

"Although it’s true that some 'scientists' have gone on record refuting anthropogenic climate change, studies have shown that the more expertise on the subject of climate change, the more consensus. In other words, while some who refute climate change might have a science background, most aren’t actually experts—they aren’t climate change scientists who are actively working and publishing research in the field. Note also that the idea that anthropogenic climate change isn’t settled science is a deliberate disinformation strategy that has been funded by the fossil fuel industry going back decades."

#31 My Bifl Vitamix (Model 10) - 15 Years Owned, Recently Refurbished

Image credits: RoboticGanja

#32 Someone Didn’t Realize What They Had And Threw This Herman Miller Aeron To The Curb

This morning which I snatched up. Apart from a small tear in the upholstery it’s still in great shape after 21 years.

Image credits: admiral_clam

#33 $16.99 Can't Believe It

Image credits: InTheHamIAm

#34 Just Picked This Up For $90 Used For My Wife Who Loves Baking. How Did I Do?

Image credits: lurkersforlife

#35 Timberland Belt I’ve Worn Nearly Every Day Since Middle School (I’m 38 Now)

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#36 My First Chefs Knife. Victorinox Rosewood. Been With Me A Decade And Seen Heavy Use Daily In A Professional Environment. It's One Tool I Won't Part With

Image credits: fuqoth

#37 18 Year Old Leatherman Wave. Got It When I Was 12 And Still Use It Regularly

Image credits: Poodogmillionaire

#38 Getting The Red Wings Prepped For Their Fifth Winter

Image credits: 7bladesofgrass

#39 1960s Bath Towel Still In The Family. According To My Mother, She Bought It At Zody’s In Southern California Between 1967 And 1969. I Use It Regularly 50+ Years Later

Image credits: N714YQ

#40 A 39 Year Old Fan Which Turns 40 Tomorrow

Image credits: MooseWithAntlers

#41 My Pioneer Receiver From 1974, Freshly Serviced And Ready For Another 50 Years

Image credits: salmonerd202

#42 My Jenn-Air Microwave Turns 37 Years Old This Month. It Is Still Going Strong!

Image credits: PizzasarusRex

#43 Ge Two Alarm Clock - This Guy Has Been Waking Me Up Since I Purchased It New In 1991. It Has Never Failed Me With A 9 Volt Battery Backup

Image credits: tananolee8898

#44 Came Across A Well Maintained Stanley Aladdin Thermos/Cooler Combo. The Mugs Were A Nice Bonus

Image credits: Borpf

#45 My Parents Got This Toaster In 1971. I Grew Up Using It & Took It With Me When I Left Home. It’s Been Making Toast Several Times A Week For 50 Years

Image credits: faith5

#46 Vintage Snap-On Toolbox I Saw At School. I Guess These Last As Long As Their Tools Do

Image credits: _austinm

#47 My Great-Grandmother’s Antique Sewing Scissors. Still Sharp As Ever, Used Only For Floss And Thread, Frequently

Image credits: hipster_mcfly

#48 P-38 Can Opener Developed In 1942

Image credits: BC4235

#49 My Parents Bought Me This Radio When I Was 5 For $8 At A Dollar General. I’m 30 Now And Listen To It When I Cook And Clean

Can We Show Some Love To The Cheap Stuff That Probably Shouldn’t Be BIFL But Somehow Is? 

Image credits: flashthunderman

#50 Found This On Facebook Today… Thought Some Of You Might Enjoy It

Image credits: mysocallednight

#51 Maytags Still Churning Out Laundry 45 Years Later And Counting

Image credits: murphyslawwhore

#52 Fixed Up An Old Tanker Desk! These Things Last Forever

Lots Of Orbital Sanding, Bondo, Sanding, Blocking, Priming, Taping, Painting! Looks Perfect In My Home Office

Image credits: likediscosuperflyy

#53 118k Miles And Still Fires Up Like It's Brand New. Will Have It For Many More Miles To Come

My 1990 Honda Accord, previously owned by an old lady who over 30 years lent it to college students, moved states and eventually [passed away].

Image credits: Yeetus_Deletus15

#54 Waffle Iron My Mother Bought When She Was 19. She’s 75 Now And Still Serves Delicious Waffles

Image credits: Strindberg

#55 A British Made, $300 Toaster That I Only Paid 60 Bucks For It At Goodwill. These Things Last Generations

Image credits: The_Dude_is_bueno

#56 This Silverware Set From 1858 That Is Still The Primary Set Used By Our Family

Image credits: whyvitamins

#57 Well… Bought For Life In The 60s Anyway

Image credits: Cheafy

#58 Woolrich Arctic Parka ~25yr

Image credits: Quiet-Overall

#59 I've Owned This Thing For 9.5 Years Now, Nearing 300k Miles. 1982 Mercedes Benz 300sd

Image credits: Theeohn_

#60 I Know, Another Thermos. But Seriously, This Was My Grandfather's From The 50's And Still Kept Coffee Hot For Hours In -20 Today!

Image credits: stonkinverser

#61 Scotch Brand Desk Dispenser. Cast Iron, Made In Canada

Image credits: Sutarmekeg

#62 Used To Belong To My Grandparents And Has Been Reupholstered A Bunch Of Times. 1920 - 1930

Image credits: Rabe2703

#63 Never See One Of These Before And Unfortunately It Didn’t Come With The Chairs, But For $5 I Couldn’t Pass. Old Coleman Products Are Just So Cool

Image credits: 2bagz

#64 My Parents Received This Ge "Hand Mixer" As A Wedding Gift In '81. I Still Use It For Breakfast Every Morning

Image credits: zara_mf_thustra

#65 My Mother Still Using This Iron Made In West Germany

Image credits: Ehansaja

#66 Just Snagged These Vintage Luggage Pieces For $8. 1960s Maybe?

Image credits: cherrybombsnpopcorn

#67 My Grandmother's Norwegian Steel, Hickory Farms (Of Ohio) Cheese Plane Which She's Had Since She Worked There In 1977

Image credits: Uncle_Junk

#68 $5 Goodwill Score. Think It Was Made In The 60s Based On Similar Pictures Online

Image credits: wiener_dawg

#69 My Grandparents Have Had This Same Kirby Vacuum For At Least 30 Years, Most Likely Longer Than That. Still Works Great

Image credits: bananasincognito

#70 My Bialetti, Doing My Morning Coffee For The Last 12 Years And Probably For At Least Another 12

Image credits: Time2kill

#71 Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. My Parents Taught Me To Use It, 30+ Years Later I'm Teaching My Daughter How

Image credits: dustyspectacles

#72 70s Model Snap On Tool Boxes. Lasted Through 3 Generations And One Major Shop Fire

Image credits: blkrfl556

#73 My Wife Is A 2nd Grade Teacher. Guess Which Two Still Work

Image credits: YarpYarpKennyVSpenny

#74 I Love These Old Fans. This One Pushes More Air Than My Box Fan, And It's Quieter! Haven't Been Able To Pinpoint A Date

Image credits: 8pointfouroz

#75 Need To Carry Alot Of Stuff, Forever? Get A Hockey Bag. These Things Are Built Like Tanks, And Under Normal Use (Laundry, Groceries, Packages, Ect) Will Outlast Me

Image credits: Shlushii

#76 This Pitcher I Have From My Grandmother

Image credits: Sleeves_are_4_bitchz

#77 Boy Scout Belt, Used Almost Daily Since 2005

Image credits: noah95ch

#78 Peugeot Paris Salt And Pepper Mills. So Much Better Than Those Plastic Grinders You Get With The Spices In The Supermarket

Image credits: FoodOnCrack

#79 Texas Instruments Ti 36 Solar. I Bought This In 1988 And It Still Works Perfectly. 33 Years Old Still Going Strong!

Image credits: average_joe419

#80 Dudley Combination Lock: Made In Canada, Used Daily Since 1979

Image credits: lingueenee

#81 Technivorm Moccamaster - Why It’s Worth The (Significant) Extra Cost

Image credits: MantisAwakening

#82 My Wife's Grandpa's Oster Food Grinder- Dated To 1985- Still Pulping Tomatoes Every August Like A Boss

Image credits: jbot14

#83 Had This Hilti Impact Drill For 8+ Years, Never Let Me Down

Still is my primary work tool (I work in construction). Easy to open and clean. Battery still lasts decent amount. Can not go wrong with this.

Image credits: wuthesheet

#84 Saddleback Leather Journal Cover, Used Every Day For 3+ Years

Image credits: nchiker

#85 Detecto Trash Can Will Last Forever

Image credits: KorneliaOjaio

#86 1992 Tomy 'Thomas The Tank Engine'. Received This More Than 15 Years Ago And It Still Runs Just As Smoothly

Image credits: engineerforthefuture

#87 My Mom Bought A Set Visionware Cookware In The Mid 80s From A Traveling Salesman Who Visited Her Work. 30+ Years Later I’m Using Them And They Still Are Still In Fantastic Condition

Image credits: Dtr45

#88 My Dad Is Retiring Today. He’s Used This Hp Finance Calculator Almost Daily Since The Late 80’s

Image credits: fonzie141

#89 Y'all Better Be Right About This...

Image credits: MutedStudy1881

#90 Jansport Rebuilt My 20yo Backpack Thru Their Warranty Program And I Couldn't Be Happier With The Result

Image credits: anoldradical

#91 Bought This Beauty For $5 At A University Surplus Store! Looking Forward To Many Years Of Good Use!

Image credits: FT05-biggoye

#92 The Airbnb I’m Staying In Has A Microwave From June 1984

Image credits: ejc1138

#93 9 Years (~1 Full Year Of Active Use), 138 Merit Badges, And A Few States Later Tent Still Works Perfectly.

My Dad Bought My First Boy Scout Tent For $40 Because He Wasn't Sure I'd Stick Around, And It Was Trash After 1 Year. 

Image credits: Meritbadgeguy

#94 Our 1950s Stove Will Run For Another 100 Years

Image credits: ProgrammaticallyHost

#95 My Carhartt Jacket I've Worn Nearly Every Single Day Since I Got It In 2017. Besides Sun Fading, Not A Single Hanging Thread, Torn Zipper, Or Any Issues At All. Absolute Workhorse Of A Jacket

Image credits: KeyboardFromElbaf

#96 Our Aga Stove That Came With The House Will Survive Us All! This Thing Is Built Like A Tank And An Absolute Delight To Work With

Image credits: Ionlylikelamp

#97 My Buy It For Life “Holy Trinity” Of Wool Coats (At Least In My Opinion)

Image credits: jono433

#98 My Family Bought Some Of These In The 60's, The Rest Came From Thrift Shops. I Cook With Them Almost Every Day

Image credits: RadiationS1knes

#99 Jvc Vn-300 Amplifier From The 70s That Will Continue To Run In Our Home For A Few Decades

Image credits: mantassink

#100 Mag-Lite. Our Power Went Out Last Night & I Was Reminded How Great This Tool Is

Image credits: FuntivityColton

#101 1965 Palmer Pizzelle Iron On The Left, 2015 Model On The Right

Image credits: madmax_br5

#102 I Refreshed This Sturdy Little Stool From 1975

Image credits: laurel-eye

#103 My Parents Blender. From Late 70s- Early 80s. Most Millennials Parents Probably Still Have One Of These In Their House

Image credits: ThrowAway4Chu

#104 Decades Of Use And Our Vitamix 2200 Is Still Churning Out Great Smoothies

Image credits: Meph616

#105 My Fathers Sears Betamax Vcr. Bought In 1979, I Still Remember Him Explaining To Friends What A 'Video Cassette Recorder' Does As He Showed Off Last Week's Football Games. Weighs A Ton. It Still Works To This Day

Image credits: JKzkars

#106 Hobart Mixer That Got Passed Down From My Uncle, Who Was A Baker, To My Mom. We Have No Idea How Old It Is But It Has Been Around For A Long Time And Still Makes Birthday Cakes

Image credits: Gregory85

#107 Has The Zippo Guarantee Been Posted Here Before?

Image credits: AcceptablePianist

#108 Sorel Winter Boots Bought 31 Years Ago And They Still Get Regular Winter Use. I Replaced The Liners Three Times Over The Years And Had One Rubber Fix That I Recall

Image credits: sUpErLiGhT_

#109 Petersen Dewitt Vise Grips. These Have Lasted 20 Years In A Salt Water Environment, Across Two Different Sailboats. Purchased 1998

Image credits: nomnivore1

#110 Grandpas Radio Outlived Him

Image credits: Snoo75302

#111 Artificial Christmas Tree Originally Bought By My Great Grandma. Before Being Taken Down For The 65th Time. Made By American Tree And Wreath In The Late 1950s

Image credits: WhyBuyMe

#112 These Schott NYC Leather Jackets Are Over 20 Years Old. They Average Between 600 To 800 Dollars

They have wool inside the pockets and the short collar one has fur inside. I haven't seen many leather jackets hold up as well as Schott. I do not work for Schott.

Image credits: vadermaybelater

#113 My Parents’ Coffee Pot They Bought In 1975. Still Going Strong

Image credits: Bookish_intj

#114 Wanted To Share My Dad's Elementary Swingline 99 From 60s - Still Used

Image credits: Thetruebanchi

#115 Just Cut And Installed A New Press Board Top For My Tanker Desk

Image credits: irhall93

#116 My 1976 Ih Cub 1650. Driveshaft Driven American Made Iron

Y'all should appreciate this. A couple years ago I did a lil work on it; buncha new parts, led lights, msd ignition coil, some cosmetics. Original engine still though and she runs great. 45 years old and still doing work year round.

Image credits: Purposeful_traveler

#117 This Sunbeam Mixmaster Has Been In My Family For 50 Years And Still Going Strong

Image credits: Begoniaceae

#118 My First Pair Of Hunting Long Johns Circa 1982, Made In The USA. Worn Them Every Year Since

Image credits: rjlets_575

#119 Been Riding This Mid 70s Schwinn Caliente For A Few Years Now. Went To Replace The Tubes This Spring Since They Leaked After A Few Days And Was Greeted With Factory Hardware

Image credits: purpleninja828

#120 A Lady Who Always Grabs Vintage Casserole Dishes At Thrift Stores Or Yard Sales And Uses Them When She Brings A Meal To Someone!

I saw a post the other day by a lady who said she always grabs vintage casserole dishes when she sees them at thrift stores or yard sales and uses them when she brings a meal to someone! She said often they are cheaper than disposable ones and the family can either keep for themselves or pass on to someone else who needs a meal in the future! So in the spirit of reduce, reuse, renew & recycle... I thought this was a neat idea worth sharing!

Image credits: hotrod54chevy

#121 My Lighter Is As Old As I Am (32 Years) And Still Works Perfectly!

Image credits: SpinAWebofSound

#122 Levi's Sherpa Trucker Jacket. I've Heard Good Things About These And Have Seen People Who Have Had Them For 20+ Years

Image credits: Ragarianok

#123 Sunbeam Mixmaster Still Making Cakes

Image credits: alohamistrhand

#124 My Rolex Oyster Perpetual Made In 1970. Over 50 Years Old And Still Running Flawlessly

Image credits: Kingjamestheiv

#125 The Ge Deluxe Toast-R- Oven And The Robeson The Mixer. 1960 To 1970 Daily Driver

Image credits: Juan911411

#126 Nearly 15 Years Old And It Was Time For Some Cleaning And Tlc. Back To As Beautiful As The Day I Got It And Still With A Long Life Ahead Of It!

Image credits: Ihenrywy

#127 Went White Elephant Hunting At The Local Goodwill

This Kitchenaid is technically in the price limit but I think it's gonna stay in my home the next couple decades or so.

Image credits: mythofdob

#128 This Bowl Have Been In My Family Since 1850-1860

Image credits: thebobrup

#129 Not The Coolest Bifl, But I Have Used This Goody Brand Comb Every Day For Nearly 20 Years And Its Still In Great Shape

Image credits: g00ber88

#130 God-Tier Shears, Received As A Gift As I Work In Landscape

Image credits: Axel1010

#131 Found This Beautiful Burberry Coat At A Thrift Shop For 90 Euros. Hope It Lasts A Lifetime!

Image credits: unamus3d

#132 My Dad’s Casio Watch. Approaching 40 Years Old. He’s Worn It Every Day Of His Life Since Buying It, And It Hasn’t Skipped A Beat!

Image credits: _Mr_Roboto_

#133 Gameboy Color From 2000, Start And Select Were Not Working But He's Good To Go Again After A Small Cleanup

Image credits: lei00

#134 Been Using My Grandfather’s 1/2 Inch Drive Wrench As Long As I Can Remember, Just Found The Patent That Was Pending On It Was Registered In 1941

Image credits: purpleninja828

#135 Finally Retiring The $10 Wallet I Got At Target 14 Years Ago

Image credits: stater354

#136 Buy It For A Couple Lives. My Grandfather’s Dobbs Felt Hat

Image credits: Mightnotapply

#137 My Favorite Screwdriver For Tinkering. Probably 40 Yo. Made In West Germany

Image credits: crash-o-matic

#138 Hitachi Television From 1999. Still Works And Has Not Needed Service 23 Years. End Of An Era, Though

Image credits: Mandy0621