Cedar, Plaid And Pomegranate Christmas Table

Cedar, Plaid And Pomegranate Christmas Table

Today Im sharing a festive Christmas table setting idea The farm table is wearing a fresh Cedar garland runner, and its got kind of relaxed rustic-woodland feel with red & green plaid, a touch of crochetedlace, Pomegranates, and just enough sparkle from the simple candle centerpieces and those rich red wine glasses! Come on in and lets take a closer look.

Hello my Foxy Friends!! We are getting so very close to the big day, and I am so happy to be able to get this holiday project shared with you! Ive had this table on my mind for months and months.

Ive definitely done a little picking and choosing as too what Ive done this season. Its actually been kind of freeing, as I decided to do only my most favorite things that meant the most to me, and sharing projects & ideas I thought you would most enjoy! For instance on Saturday, instead of decorating my Christmas tree I went to my nieces house, played with the baby and made Christmas cookies. I made that a higher priority. And Im so glad!

My boys dont care if the tree has only lights on it, and I found, I dont really care too much either. With little more than a week to go, Im calling this the year of the naked tree. I can live with that.

But I simply had to create this particular table Ill walk you through that layers as we go, its such an easy look to duplicate if you like it!

LAYER ONE: I started with the crocheted lace tablecloth. Ive had it since the dawn of time. Okay, since before Austin was born. Its a bit short, but it stops just as the direction of the wood changes on the table top. I think its fine, I just wanted a little fluttery movement on the sides and some subtle interest on the table. So it works for me!

The satin bows threaded though the cane chairs backs are from [this post here] and they still worked so I happily kept them in place.

LAYER TWO & THREE: I used a wood server like the one I used for that Farmhouse Gift Idea [see it here]. Instead, filling it with various candles and some fresh Cedar sprigs. I love low centerpieces because they dont block your view when dining and trying to visit. Plus, hello simple! My favorite.

LAYER FOUR: Cedar table runner. Bonus, I used free boughs from my backyard! I started with a bough spilling out of the centerpiece, and kept layering until I got to the end of the table, and then let some of the boughs drape over the end for a soft, wispy effect. I didnt fasten a single thing, they are just artfully layered to hide the end of each branch, with the next layer. Its super simple!! I went back and layered a few smaller pieces in the centerpiece when the main runner was done.

TIP: You can get free greenery from the big box stores and tree lots, they are happy to share the trimming and that is all you need to create this Cedar runner.

LAYER FIVE: Fresh Pomegranates. I just sprinkled a few down the lengthof the Cedar runner. I used them on a Christmas table last year too [click to see], and I knew I wanted to repeat the natural beauty they added to the table.

LAYER SIX, SEVEN & EIGHT: Rustic wood slice chargers, my clearance plaid diner plates, and some buffalo check rimmed holiday dessert/appetizer plates. The plaid plates and the rustic wood chargers are what started me dreaming of this table months & months ago!

TIP: I tend to buy much simpler diner plates (often sticking with white/solidcolors) and usually add my interest with my smaller salad, bread or appetizer plates. The little 4 pc. set I used on this table was only $6 for all four plates Joy, Believe, Peace & Noel. Thats hard to beat!

Silverware is hopefully not too conspicuously missing from my table, but we all know what that looks like right? I meant to add my matte black flatware, but I had everything else ready, it was sunny, and I got excited.

LAYER NINE: Ruby red win glasses! I grabbed several of these for my gift idea post, and boy am I glad I did I LOVE them on this table, I think the vivid Christmas red just makes the whole table. At only $3.88 each, I could easily afford a set of four.

LAYER TEN: Silverware and Napkins. What can I say Im fired. There should probably be a water glass too, but this is more about a feeling, and inspiring you to try something similar at home! Be it the centerpiece, the Cedar runner, a too-short tablecloth(hehe), etc

In my defense, I did get the napkins over to the table in my favorite piece Jimmy turned on the lathe for me!

You all know by now that I am not a super fussy decorator, so my tables are pretty casual. I still enjoy doing them so much though, and I think you will too. If you havent tried your hand at simple tablescaping yet, I encourage you too. Ill never be a master I dont have the budget or setting, but I have so much fun! Ive gotten a wee bit better than when I started, and I really do love them when they are complete. Even if you do have to use your hands to eat.

As per usual, I took way, wayyyyy too many pictures today. I cant seem to help it and I do it every time. Ill add a few more favorites, but Ill add my shopping sources for you in case you dont have 3 hours to look at my table post. hehe

THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping in today, and for your support, always. I read (appreciate) and respond to every single comment & email. Myself. Its always, alwaysme! xo Shan


Some courtesy shopping source links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a small commission on a sale if you choose to purchase, but your price will never be more! See full disclosure [here]


  • Crocheted Lace Tablecloth: Macys circa 1906 hehe but really, its old.

  • Wood Server: BHG at Walmart [online source in this post]

  • Candles: Misc

  • Cedar: From my property

  • Wood Slice Chargers: BHG at Walmart

  • Plaid Diner Plate: BHG at Walmart, clearance online

  • Joy, Peace, Believe, Noel Plates: Big Lots

  • Red Wine Glasses: BHG at Walmart, in-store only


You may notice I added a few more of the chunky wood trees to the mantel! I sketched them, and Jim cut them out for me. I just love them so much, and plan to use them for Winter decorating as well.

If you soak your Cedar in the tub overnight before using it, itll last longer! Or so Ive heard. Mine is often very wet and I usually have to pat it dry just to bring it inside. When keeping it indoors, every few days Ill mist it with a sprayer and it lasts pretty well that way too!

My Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas hand-painted wood sign is from a small, family run business called Three Mango Seeds on Etsy [find them here]

I might have a naked tree, but Ive got plenty of holiday glow going!

Im pretty sure Ill putting bows on my chair backs very frequently now if you scrolled this far. You should get extra goodies in your stocking!!

Wishing you happy, healthy & very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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