Chowhound Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Great Amazon Kitchen Items You Can Still Get in Time

Its no secret we love Amazon here at Chowhoundfast, free shipping combined with cheap prices means more stuff in our stockings this Christmas, which is the ultimate goal. As weve been making our own Christmas lists at the office, weve done the hard part of combing through the infinite amount of Amazon kitchen products in order to curate our top picks. If we had to narrow it down, this would be it. From a beautiful copper saucepan (that doesnt break the bank!) to a trusty cast iron skillet, keep reading to see what we really want from Santa.

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Bonus: If you have Amazon Prime, you can still get them all in time for Christmas.

New DEMMEX Hammered Copper Saucepan, $69.90 on Amazon


This copper saucepan is a work of art. When we first unwrapped it at the office we were in awe of its beauty. Even if you dont cook, this would be a beautiful piece to keep on your stovetop to fool people into thinking you do cook (and to show off your great taste). However, we (obviously) do cook and recommend making a simple tomato sauce to complement this copper masterpiece.Buy Now

Ironwood Gourmet Large Charleston End Grain Prep Station, $56.99 on Amazon


Pssstthis cheeseboard should cost way more money than it actually does. We cant believe how great it is for the price. Our social media strategist/photographer ended up purchasing one on the spot for her sister for Christmas. Its that good. At 1.25 inches thick, its a hefty board that could be left out on your counter at all times. And the grain in this acacia wood is everything. Use as a cheeseboard, prep board, styling prop, or all three like well be doing.Buy Now

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $59.90 on Amazon


Another item we were shocked to see the low price tag on is this gigantic cast iron Dutch oven by Lodge. We still love the iconic Le Creuset for all its beauty, but this Lodge version is literally $300 less. Its huge, definitely big enough to feed a crowd this holiday season. We suggest using this mega piece of cookware to throw together some simple soup in between all the holiday madness. If youre looking for a good tomato soup recipe, try our Classic Tomato Soup.Buy Now

Solino Home Linen Dinner Napkins, 4 for $23.99 on Amazon

linen napkins


The chicest way to wipe the melty cheese off your hands is with a proper napkin. We recently upgraded to using linen napkins nightly at home for dinner instead of paper napkins, and it really has increased our quality of life. Not only is it way better for the environment, but it also makes your life feel just a little bit more put together, even when its not. This set is gorgeousthe material is the perfect thickness and the color is a chic, saturated charcoal (but theyre also available in other shades). Youll find the same napkins done by other stores, but this budget buy can stand up to any of them.Buy Now

Calphalon 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, $21.59 on Amazon


Another cast iron cookware piece were crushing on is this quintessential cast iron skillet by Calphalon. It was the highest-selling item our community bought during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018, so we had to investigate for ourselves. Our conclusion? Everyone should own a cast iron skillet, and this one checks the box. Grab it now while its a whopping 57 percent off! And then make some macaroni like we did (the office was drooling the day we served it).Buy Now

Rose Gold Silverware Set, 20-piece set for $36.99 on Amazon


The perfect compliment to garlicky spaghetti? Shiny gold flatware. Weve been eyeing a gold flatware set since Black Friday but havent pulled the triggeruntil now. This best seller (it has more than 1200 reviews with a 4.6 star rating) is also available in an equally attractive rose gold as well as black and rainbow oil-slick colors. Using gold flatware will make even leftovers feel a little more special.Buy Now

BIA Cordon Bleu 12-Inch Porcelain Round Cake Stand, $27.70 on Amazon


This cake stand/pedestal is the ultimate vessel for showing off your baked goods this holiday season. Its crisp white color makes a rainbow of colors pop (aka, everything you bake will look good on this), and its thick but not too heavy so you can easily transport it from cupboard to counter to table and back again.Buy Now

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Bakers Half Sheet Pans, 2 for $21.99 on Amazon


If you want perfect cookies, you need the right tools. And this 2-pack of bakers half sheets are iconic. Our staff loves them, and so do Amazon users5000+ 4.5 star reviews cant be wrong. All thats left to do is click, buy, and bake (well, and decide whether to line with parchment or silicone baking mats). Enjoy!Buy Now

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