Dining Out Southeast: 50 Taters, Scottsboro, AL


Y'all know me.  How on earth could I pass up a restaurant named 50 Taters with an old pickup parked out front with "Comfort Food/Casual Dining" on their marquee? I couldn't!

Several times we had passed by their sister restaurant in Rainsville, AL.  Recently, a friend had stopped at this location and share his (positive) experience.  We had a road trip to nearby Crow Mountain Orchard for apples today and on the way home decided to stop in for a late lunch.

We were warmly greeted when we entered and invited to choose a seat wherever we wanted.  By the time we were seated, a friendly server was there to deliver napkins and silverware and get our drink orders.  The sweet tea is served in LARGE glasses (free refills) and was oh so good.

We were starving, so I ordered fried pickles to hold us while we looked over the menu.  I like to compare different restaurants versions of fried pickles.  50 Taters' fried pickle slices are battered with cornmeal and weren't greasy in the least.  Bonus points for the server bringing along extra forks with TWO plates for us.  Also included:  two ranch dressings for dipping.  **Pet Peeve alert:  I dislike when you order an appetizer and the server drops it and leaves before you can ask for small plates to put the individual appetizer servings.  Being provided the plates without having to ask is a big step in making your customers happy with their meal.

I saw many items on the menu that appealed to me:  a variety of sandwiches, steaks, stuffed baked potatoes, seafood, and BBQ. There is also a salad bar that had many customers the entire time we were there.

Pulled pork always calls to me so I chose the pulled pork plate with my two side items of fries (yeah, they weren't the battered kind!) and fried okra.  A large container of BBQ sauce was already on the table and could be added at the diner's discretion.  The sauce was delicious!  Thick and somewhat sweet, but then the slightest hint of heat that lingered briefly.  It was the perfect combination of Sweet Heat.  I asked if the sauce was made in-house and our server told me that it certainly was and was a "secret" recipe.  I can certainly understand why!  The pulled pork had a nice amount of "bark" showing the smoke ring and tasting without sauce, the smoke flavor was delicately evident.  This was a great BBQ plate.  The fries and okra were average, but tasty.

Sweet Harold chose the Chicken Fried Chicken meal with mashed potatoes and slaw as the side items.  As I am typing this blog post, I asked for his personal review.  Here it is:  "The portion size was LARGE, the chicken was well seasoned and nicely fried.  The mashed potatoes were yummy and the gravy was served hot and was a nice amount.  The slaw was fresh, crisp, and mayo based.  I really enjoyed my meal."

Very seldom do we order dessert when dining out.  But based on my aforementioned friend's description of this particular after dinner treat, we decided to share one.  Oh, boy.  Where do I start describing this plate of deliciousness?

The name of this dessert is Reesie Cup Sundae.  The menu describes it as a "Chocolate Peanut Buttercup with ice cream with a peanut butter topping and cool whip."

It was certainly all that the menu p.  That isn't caramel, that is actually an ooey gooey peanut butter topping over vanilla ice cream which is over a chocolately cookie like cover over a peanut butter cup like middle.

This was more than enough to share!  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and visit here.  We had more than one server during our meal and they were all courteous and made sure we had everything we needed.  

If you are ever in Scottsboro visiting the Unclaimed Baggage store or going to Crow Mountain Orchard for apples or cider, stop in for a meal!