Disneyland: Build Seezleslak’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, says Bobby Moynihan

“Saturday Night Live” alumnus Bobby Moynihan wants Disneyland to build Seezleslak’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge as a rival watering hole to Oga’s Cantina, and the comedian has even offered to reprise the role of the six-eyed alien bartender he voices in a new Star Wars VR game.

“If you build a suit, I will get in it and wear it,” Moynihan said with a laugh.

Moynihan and “Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge” producer Alyssa Finley took part in an online video webinar to discuss the virtual reality experience previews coming to the Downtown Disney outdoor shopping mall at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim.

Free previews of the “Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge” VR experience will be held Saturday, Nov. 21 to Jan. 5 from noon to 8 p.m. daily at the former ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.

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Downtown Disney visitors will be able to virtually step foot inside Seezleslak’s Cantina, choose a song from the jukebox, play space darts and listen to some wild tales told about Black Spire Outpost by the barkeeper voiced by Moynihan.

The VR action-adventure experience expands on the story of Black Spire Outpost and the world of the “Star Wars” planet of Batuu, the setting for the twin 14-acre themed lands at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Players eventually end up in a Black Spire Outpost bar called Seezelslak’s Cantina, run by a six-eyed Star Wars alien with a tendency for over-imbibing and a love-hate relationship with porgs. Seezelslak is a natural-born storyteller who regales his patrons with tales about Black Spire Outpost.

“The biggest thing we want to do is just take this story that starts in the park and make it bigger,” Finley said. “Not tell the same story because people have a chance to see that story already by going and that’s amazing. But to try to say, ‘How do we fit in? Where is the ship that the cantina lives in parked in the park? How does that fit into what’s there? How does that connect to everything?’”

In the VR game, Seezelslak’s ship is also his “cantina” — which he has landed on top of Oga’s Cantina, sparking a rivalry between the dueling hives of scum and villainy. The rivalry ended — at least for the time being — when Seezelslak fled Black Spire Outpost before Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland in May 2019.

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The VR game’s creative team worked closely with Walt Disney Imagineering to make sure that Seezleslak’s ship/cantina could be parked on top of Oga’s Cantina.

“That’s a legitimate parking spot where it could be,” Finley said. “We just wanted to make sure that all the angles and all of the views were accurate to what it would really be like if it were true. Because it is.”

Moynihan has had many voice-acting roles in Star Wars TV series from “Star Wars: Visions” and “Star Wars Resistance” to “The Bad Batch” and “Clone Wars.”

In his latest role, Moynihan regales VR gamers as Seezleslak with tales about mysterious Jedi temples and battles involving a Guavian Death Gang on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost.

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Moynihan has visited the real-world Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland many times — before and after the themed land opened in 2019.

“I’ve been there a bunch and I feel very connected to that place,” Moynihan said. “To be asked to be involved with this game was like a no-brainer, but it’s also enhanced my experience at the park.”

Moynihan was recently in Galaxy’s Edge for a pre-dawn promotional video shoot for an upcoming Disney+ segment about his role in the “Tales” VR game.

“I was just standing there at sunrise in an empty Galaxy’s Edge going, ‘That’s where my cantina is,’” Moynihan said. “It was a really special, wonderful moment. Especially for a fan.”

That “magical moment” made Moynihan wish Walt Disney Imagineering would build Seezleslak’s Cantina at the Galaxy’s Edge theme park lands in California and Florida.

“Standing in the park and looking up there and wishing that ship would be there one day,” Moynihan said. “Hint, hint, Disney. Come on.”

Until then, Moynihan would like to see Seezleslak’s Cantina have some temporary presence in both Batuu West and Batuu East.

“A pop-up food truck, maybe,” Moynihan said. “Parked right next to the Falcon at Christmas time. Pick up some extra cash for presents for Life Day.”

Moynihan wasn’t done dropping hints to Disney brass, suggesting that Seezleslak should get his own Disney+ series.

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The “Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge” VR experience dives deep into the fictional history and lore created for the Star Wars lands at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as the theme park foods and restaurants.

The second edition of the VR game introduced Ronto Wrap “space meat” sandwiches from the Ronto Roasters food stands in the Star Wars lands and the legendary Docking Bay 7 sporks — which double as black-market currency in the game, a nod to the rampant theft of the distinctive Star Wars silverware when the land first opened in 2019.

“I have a confession to make,” Moynihan said of the Docking Bay 7 sporks. “This is not a joke. I am 100% not kidding. Ninety percent of my cutlery and plates are from Galaxy’s Edge.”