Entertaining Tips: How Can I Have an Easy, Stress Free & Fabulous Party?

Today on the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out blog, it’s time to celebrate all your hard work as I discuss entertaining! What better way to celebrate all of your hard work of decluttering and getting organized with food and friends! Learn tips for easy and fun entertaining.


Let’s have some fun today. Many times after my clients have decluttered and organized they want to show off their new surroundings. I believe clearing your clutter allows you to have a more joyful and fulfilling life. Sometimes we forget that, so let’s plan a joyous occasion.


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Entertaining Tips: Getting Started

First, set a budget. Commit to keeping your budget! It’s easy to get carried away and swept up in all the excitement of planning an event, but you don’t want to have credit card regret, and debt, a month or two down the road. Be realistic and don’t forget to see if you have friends that can help you with extra tables, chairs, and silverware instead of having to rent those. Have a friend with a garden? Maybe he or she can put together a couple of floral arrangements.


Next, decide what type of party you want to have: an open house, a cocktail party, an afternoon BBQ, an evening dessert buffet. Consider the level of formality, if you want to do it all yourself or hire people. Your budget will help you determine what you can pay for and what you can do yourself.


If you are going to hire people, contact them now to get on their calendar. Do you need to hire a caterer, baby sitter, bartender, pet sitter, server, and entertainment? Who else can you add to this list?

More Tips

Is there anything you need to rent such as chairs or tables, glasses or serving dishes? Can you borrow from friends? Make those arrangements now. Depending on the season, some places may already be booked so you might have to make a few phone calls before you can reserve what you need.


If you are having something casual you won’t need a lot of time to plan. I just sent out an email for a girl’s night out movie night at my house. I sent it almost 3 weeks in advance. That allows people enough time to get it on their calendar.   I also asked that people bring a snack or drink to share because I wanted to make it as easy on me as possible. If you are planning something more elaborate, and if you are going to have it catered, you will need to allow for more time—6 to 8 weeks usually.

Invitations: More Entertaining Tips

Once you have decided the basics, create your guest list. Send out invitations either electronically or paper. I encourage you to do electronically because it saves you time and money and it’s easy for people to RSVP. Here are some suggestions for electronic invitations:

  • evite;
  • paperless post;
  • pingg;
  • and punchbowl.


When sending your invitation, be sure to include:

  • dress code;
  • if you want people to bring something;
  • your address and phone number;
  • and start and end times.

Finally, make sure you have a plan for where you can put coats and umbrellas if necessary. A bed is an easy place to throw coats if you don’t have other options and people can leave umbrellas on the porch, but it’s a nice touch if you can have them organized.

What celebration are you going to organize? What’s most important to you? What will your budget be?

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